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Thread: Militant Belief in Health Food and Alternative Medicine

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    Default Militant Belief in Health Food and Alternative Medicine

    What's going on with a person who has militant belief and near zealot faith in health foods and alternative medicine?

    I mean I never talk about MBTI off this board. I don't know anyone else in offline life who is interested in it and I certainly don't want to push something on someone else that they don't find useful on their own.

    So I really can't understand someone who believes that health food is the answer to ALL illness and this person pushes it on others and in fact will drop them entirely, doorslam them if they won't follow that particular form of health food belief.

    And I am not saying that people shouldn't eat healthy or anything, I am talking about a specific belief system of eating specific supplements (expensive at times) and specific foods.

    This person NEEDS to believe they have the answer for every illness that befalls those around them, and there's a thread of truth to all that they say but it goes beyond that, it is like a religion. It also seems tied to their personal image. To reject their belief system about diet is to reject them and it hurts them and they respond with anger. They truly believe that they can take away all the pains of the world with their particular diet--they HAVE to believe it.

    I am chronically ill myself and feel like I am dangling by a frazzled thread with this person. I'll be dropped sooner or later. I am always on eggshells around them. It's hard because I do care deeply for the person. But I've tried many of their touted "cures" all on my own, years before they got on this particular bandwagon and have seen no effects. I am not willing to drain my money away on pure faith. I'd have to see some results, any results. There are some natural foods/supplement things that I did see a positive effect with and I have kept these things up.

    Again, it's not about eating healthier or more natural or anything basic like that, it is about specific supplements, specific brands, specific foods, fear of certain foods etc.

    Like with cow's milk. I went a whole year without cow's milk and saw no difference. And it's a lot of work to completely avoid milk and milk by-products in our culture and there are several other foods that I do have an intolerance for so deleting milk from my diet was hard. I added cow's milk back to my diet and saw no effects either. I don't believe I am intolerant to cow's milk in the least. However I do believe some people are and some people reap great benefit from total avoidance of it. But this person I know, believes that EVERYONE is intolerant of cow's milk and that most illnesses can be traced to intolerance to milk and wheat (gluten) products, among other sins and it is a SIN.

    Another wearying thing is being spoken down to when they are in this mindset. They will start explaining how the human body works etc. I tell them, you can skip this part, I made an A in college anatomy and physiology but it never helps. If I want to please them, I must sit quietly while they painstakingly explain the inner workings of the human body. They will do this kind of stuff with strangers in the store even.

    We both know a person is chronically ill with an autoimmune disease and she's heavily involved with the national association for that aliment and she's over 70, I mean she's intelligent and pro-active, believe me, if she's interested in alternative meds, she already did/can seek it out. Well, the health food guru lectured her rather severely and then doorslammed her for refusal to adhere to given health food regimen.

    What makes a person so dogmatic?

    Please share any personal experiences with situations like this or offer your theories on why people get like this. Or best of all, how do you handle people like this.


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    Si-Te can be annoying.

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    Some people are craaaazy and I try to avoid them, and if that's impossible, certainly avoid discussion of any non-mundane topic.

    I'm honestly not sure there is any other way to deal with it. It's not like you can convince them by logic (or any other way).
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    This phenomenon is really a new 'morality' that has developed. People feel they can become more pure, clean, and superior to those who do not eat in such a way. I've seen it in several forms... certain health nuts, certain vegetarians/vegans, certain 'locavores', raw foodists, various anti-chain restaurant food snobs, etc. etc.

    As certain values become more relaxed (we've come a decent distance since the sexually repressed Victorian era), people substitute their own versions of hyper-control (in this case, it's food based), and often try to convince others that their approach is the best, the most pure, the highest ideal.

    Or, maybe they're just nutty.

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    I think we often need to find reasons and answers to the big "why" questions in life, such as "why do people suffer?" It might be easier for some people to attack traditional medicine and tout alternative medicine as a 100% cure-all than to admit that we do not always have the answers we wish we had.

    "Alternative medicine is the answer. Therefore, you are completely responsible for your own health, and if you are not taking my suggestions regarding alternative medicine, I can cleanly place you in the category of someone who doesn't care to help him/herself. That's why you're sick. It's your own fault. Now I have an answer. Now I don't need to ask why."

    Maybe the above attitude doesn't apply to everyone, but I certainly know people I consider alternative medicine "wackos" who think this way. I stay away from them as much as possible, even though I use lots of home remedies/alternative medicine type stuff myself and try to go this route before turning to drugs. I find it useless to argue with militant people. If somebody wants to suggest I use garlic oil to help with an ear infection, I'll give it a try. If they rant for twenty minutes about the evils of antibiotics and give me a list of 9 different remedies I must try rather than go the antibiotic route, I smile and inwardly click the ignore button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiley45 View Post
    "Alternative medicine is the answer. Therefore, you are completely responsible for your own health, and if you are not taking my suggestions regarding alternative medicine, I can cleanly place you in the category of someone who doesn't care to help him/herself. That's why you're sick. It's your own fault. Now I have an answer. Now I don't need to ask why."
    ^Great post. That actually ties into the new 'morality' idea quite nicely if you think about it. People sometimes turn to religion for comfort when afraid of their own mortality or when asking those big questions, and now they also sometimes turn to strict dietary regimens instead or in addition to religion.

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    They sound very unhealthy and insecure to me I think people should do whatever they need to be happy and healthy...and that will be different for everyone! Perhaps they had a terrible experience with allopathic doctors and feel that allopathic medicine is morally wrong and harmful? Even so, it seems irrational and hurtful and aggressive/angry to me to leave friends behind in the name of "healing"?? I'm sorry that this person hurt you, heart. When it comes to people like that, I consider that they must be hurting and be troubled deeply to behave in such a way. I will "pray" for them from a distance and know that they are simply not someone I can be around as it would affect me too deeply. ((hugs)) if ok...

    I was also chronically ill for a long time. I am doing much better now! When I see family and friends suffering, I will mention my experience. Most of the time they are not supportive and feel threatened by what I have to I withdraw and do not mention it again. It hurts me to watch them suffer....but perhaps what worked for me will not work for I leave it alone. (I wish they would try it hurts me deeply because I love them!) I admit, I feel like pushing it sometimes...not because I think my way is the only way however, rather in an effort to see them in good health...I do not act on that as I would not want someone to do that to me.

    Perhaps they feel a sense of "I am healed and I must share this with others." Or they need to feel needed? There are actually countless reasons why someone might behave this way, the more I think about it. Perhaps they need a cause and going to extremes makes them feel like they are taking action? In any case...they sound unhealthy for you. Please take gentle care of yourself! You are already sick.....stress makes all illnesses worse...

    I hope that you find ways to feel better soon! I hate to hear you are suffering/ill. May you find your own unique--perfect for you--journey to healing and recovery very soon, heart!


    P.S. People used to push their "cures" on me all the time. I assume it was with good intention. They wanted me to be happy and healthy! Sometimes it would border on aggressive and almost every person would follow up to see if I tried their "cure". It made me feel deeply alone when this happened and guilty to boot if I did not wish to try their remedies. Only you know what is best for you!!

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    any belief no matter if I agree with it or not I hate having pushed on me. For example it was story week and one of the events had performers come and perform and they were very political and though I sort of agreed with their views I hated it cuz it was so much liberal propaganda being shoved down my throat. I don't know if health food is the answer, but I do believe in convential medicine that has been proven to work.
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    I have a co-worker who went on a detox diet for a time and buttered himself up so well that he could directly contradict himself in the same sentence and still believe what he was saying 100%. It was interesting to watch the starting seed of logic sort of sprawl out as the days passed. Afterward he started hawking it to other co-workers while complaining about "other unrelated" health problems cropping up like fatigue....

    I liken it to faith. The human mind is very adept at projection, rationalization, and selective interpretation.

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