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    I have a pair of MBTs I got on ebay and they are alright as long as I'm walking. They are awful to stand in.

    I also have a pair of these horrible looking things I got from Avon. I wear them all summer unless I have to look decent.

    They are super comfy and don't irritate my Plantar fasciitis. I don't care that much about toning, though I probably should, but I don't like pain.
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    go barefoot

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    Skechers are the hit in Germany. Despite of the fact that mbt's are prefered by the medical insurance SKECHERS are my favorite. In Germany I have bought my skechers in the pink one:

    The only thing I don't like is the prise. I can buy them in New York 30% cheaper than in Germany.
    As the germans says: Only bad girls will came into paradise :-)

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