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Thread: Swine Flu: Stay Updated

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptgatsby View Post
    Nah, just people not understanding that they are attempting to prevent what could be (and what is likely if they do nothing), and not what is. That's prone to over-reaction, unfortunately, as the weakest link is what causes the dam to break.

    Medical News: WHO Raises Pandemic Threat of Swine Flu - in Infectious Disease, Swine Flu from MedPage Today

    Hell, try to avoid hanging around people who cough without covering up, sneeze into midair then grin about it, and wipe their noses with their bare hands. And maintain a decent level of hygiene yourself.

    And remain calm.

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    Great. Now I'm really not going to have any friends.

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    BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Fears early drug use could cause flu resistance

    This audio has top reseacher saying that H1N1 in the past few flu seasons has been resistant to Tamiflu, seems over reaction would be most dangerous of all.

    Summary: Interim Recommendations for the Use of Influenza Antiviral Medications in the Setting of Oseltamivir Resistance among Circulating Influenza A (H1N1) Viruses, 2008-09 Influenza Season

    CDC - Influenza (Flu) | Antivirals: Summary (H1N1) Viruses, 2008-09 Influenza Season

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    The swine flu outbreak that has alarmed the world for a week now appears less ominous, with the virus showing little staying power in the hardest-hit cities and scientists suggesting it lacks the genetic fortitude of past killer bugs.

    President Barack Obama even voiced hope Friday that it may turn out to be no more harmful than the average seasonal flu.

    In New York City, which has the most confirmed swine flu cases in the U.S. with 49, swine flu has not spread far beyond cases linked to one Catholic school. In Mexico, the epicenter of the outbreak, very few relatives of flu victims seem to have caught it.

    A flu expert said he sees no reason to believe the virus is particularly lethal. And a federal scientist said the germ's genetic makeup lacks some traits seen in the deadly 1918 flu pandemic strain and the more recent killer bird flu.
    The Associated Press: Swine flu may be less potent than first feared

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    I'm really more concerned with how the situation will be this fall...and if it mutates by the fall. If it does...uh-oh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rajah View Post
    I have some cold right now. I told my mom, who actually raised concerns I might have swine flu. You know, in a "Be careful, dear! It could be swine flu!" way.

    For crying out loud.
    xDDD rajah...oh boy every sniffle my mother worries too haha. * it could spread/they may shut school's down if it gets worse* i said yeah but it hasn't happened yet so just be preventive
    (prepared/wash hands/cover mouth/wear mask if it would get worse but it's fine haha...breathe women lol...mother worries to much...go eat some veggies/fruit, laugh does a body good anyway xD)and keep an ear out on the news that's really all you can do in the present. Sounds like it's in pretty good hands I only got a very teeny sniffle and sneeze a couple times that's it no flu "yet" *looks around ^^P*

    I do believe in always being prepared though so good topic .
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    I told my Mom I had swine flu just to hear her reaction. I only let her believe it for about fifteen seconds though. Anything longer than that may have killed her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    I told my Mom I had swine flu just to hear her reaction. I only let her believe it for about fifteen seconds though. Anything longer than that may have killed her.
    Yeah.. I have a mother who I would totally do that to just to hear her reaction, and I did it too . But.. I actually have the shit, as opposed to joking... and she did flip. She's fine now though, no heart attacks, just a lot of worried phone calls

    It's not as bad as they're making it out to be, though I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It's still the flu, it's still potentially dangerous, and it still puts you out of commission for at least a few days, but it's not any more and possibly even a little less severe than the normal one. I was over the symptoms in like 2 days, and even though they were gone, after they "confirmed" that I was a case of H1N1, Ohio's Department of Health asked me to stay in isolation (which is reasonable enough), and also to take a full course of Tamiflu before leaving isolation. Even though I'd been past 48 hours of having symptoms, and therefore Tamiflu was nearly worthless. Even though I had few symptoms and was out of the infectious period.

    So they do have a tendency to want to throw drugs at it, even if they're not needed, and I'm worried about that, because that'll probably just make the inevitable mutation into a supernastybug come that much sooner.

    In the meantime, I'm out of class and work for a week and a day. Oh life, what curveballs you throw us. Just for the record, I'm still not worried at all about the swine flu, and you shouldn't be either, unless you are already chronically ill or are an older person. It will not kill you if you seek medical care for the complications.. dehydration and pneumonia are the big threats. Had the 1st one, and once they fixed that via an IV drip in the ER, my symptoms almost disappeared completely.
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