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Thread: Socionics & Body Type

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    I think it's a pretty lax assumption..

    In a way, a lot of the types will fit in fairly well with their type description..

    So, that being said, I generally fit into the ENFP description, though I am neither tall nor short and full. I'm more medium height and fairly slim. I don't think I walk with my legs apart, but I can't be so sure. I do walk fast and energeticly, and I think my nose is straight.

    Still..interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.
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    warning: sloppy post, im too tired to comprhend but also ti seems, to tired to sleep (?)

    Quote Originally Posted by laintpe View Post
    I was actually wondering... this could be way off.. but I was reading that women with "rectangular" shapes (ex: keira knightley) are more exposed to testosterone while in the womb... and/or have higher levels of testosterone in general.. versus women who are more pear or hourglass shaped. anyway, i was wondering if there was any correlation between thought processes that are considered more masculine and that rectangular "higher testosterone" body shape (with women.. obviously).
    yeah ive thought about that too. in fact on another forum i posted a thread asking intp girls for their finger ratio which is a measure of the levels of tesosteron they were exposed to when they were fetus's... i just never bothered to read what people posted in response. heh.
    i have that kind of body shape and im tall for my gender as well. with the F preference in women and T prefernece in men, one would think that estrogen/tesosterone levels have something to do with it. making T women have higher levels of testosterone or just some uncommon balance.
    althoug ive read in a few places that the body shape your referring to, the usually lean, narrow, athleticly advantageous, long limbed, etc - well, just atheletic potential, moslty - has to do with testoterone levels in the womb during pregnancy. along with this i also read that these tesosteroned women are more liekly to get careers in feilds such as mathematics, science and engineering which indicates it does have an affect on the brain. its strange that the men in science tested has having lower testosterone than men who choose social sciences. it looks like middle road tesosterone levels that push you into the mathematical/technical subjects and either high or low(women) that gives you a brain that finds the inferior other subjects more enjoyable. but why, who knows.
    testosterone is also the sex drive hormone... hmmm.

    random thought: i wonder if females occasionally/monthly perform below their usual on maths tests because their estrogen levels have risen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    On this site they are the same. I'm pretty sure it is just for fun too
    Naw, the site is for real. I don't agree the j/p should automatically be switched for introverts though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Night View Post

    There's a good chance youre an acne-scarred gremlin and/or are forever cursed by a regrettable face tattoo. Your want of hygiene often repels even the loneliest of transients and is the basis for your inability to find meaningful romantic connection.

    What the...?
    Seems about right

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    mainly have slim figures, however well-built INFps are not that uncommon. Their gait is usually graceful and full of poise as they like to project an image of self-worthiness. Their eyes vary from large to small, however if they are isolated a characteristic pattern emerges. Narrow eyes give the impression that the person is smiling whereas wider eyes convey a feeling of curiosity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    I don't relate to that at all. It's just a coincidence. I'm muscular and tall. EDIT: As in I'm not skinny. Not too fat though, but I'm just *big* and have muscles and am well built.
    ...and don't forget modest.

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    I'd say the ENTj description is perfectly on the spot for myself.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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    I'm tall and "skinny muscular", oval faced, and I suppose the general ISTP description is closer for me than the ISFP one. I prefer comfortable sporty clothes more often than flashy stuff, although I can slip into that as well.

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    Nope, don't see it, unless I have a big nose and a mis-matched wardobe that I have failed to notice.
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    I am a socionics INFj and I fit the description pretty well. Or rather, I did before I started approaching middle age and thickened through the middle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    This site (Psychological Type profiles) gives physical descriptions of types, which seems kind of ridiculous, but the INFP actually fits me. I'm thin, with big and curious eyes, and my clothing may veer towards foppish at times.

    What do you think? Do you fit your type's body description?
    That site is WAAAAAY off for me:

    "ESTps generally have either slim figures or firm and solid figures. Slim ESTps have slow and phlegmatic movements, giving the impression of calmness and self-confidence. Solid ESTps have free and flexible movements. When standing in one place they tend to wriggle rhythmically as if they have a slight electric current running through them.

    Their eyebrows are often asymmetrical. When ESTps want to show their dissatisfaction they frown as if they are angry. Older ESTps often become puffy and swollen around the eyes. They also have a tendency to squint. Their noses are usually quite wide at the base and their jaws are also large and square. They may have thick, immobile lips, making their speech somewhat garbled.

    ESTps rarely wear eye-catching clothes. They try to maintain a neutral style of clothes, steering away from fashion. Males have an inclination to official styles of clothing such as suits etc. ESTps generally prefer to remain in the shadows. "

    Let's try the WikiSocion page to see if their ESTP physical description is better. They split it out by male and female for each type.

    WikiSocion Home Page: (English)
    Wikisocion home - Wikisocion

    Type Descriptions:
    Category:Type descriptions - Wikisocion
    To convert between MBTI and Socionics types, use this table:
    How to convert MBTI type to Socionics type

    Or this copy of it...

    MBTI system-> Socionics system
    ENFJ-> ENFj
    ENTJ-> ENTj
    ENFP-> ENFp
    ENTP-> ENTp
    ESFJ-> ESFj
    ESTJ-> ESTj
    ESFP-> ESFp
    ESTP-> ESTp

    MBTI system-> Socionics system
    INFJ-> INFx
    INTJ-> INTx
    INFP-> INFx
    INTP-> INTx
    ISFJ-> ISFx
    ISTJ-> ISTx
    ISFP-> ISFx
    ISTP-> ISTx
    Sensing Logical Extrovert (ESTp):
    Sensing logical extrovert - Wikisocion

    SLE Male/Female Type Descriptions:
    SLE male and female - Wikisocion

    This. This exactly. Much better than the first one...

    "Male portrait:
    Even if they're thin and slender (though this is rare), male SLEs nevertheless appear very grounded. Their demeanour gives off a large, steady impression. They carry themselves and speak naturally with confidence, and their judgements are solid.

    Young male SLEs tend to prefer short or slightly long hair, and dress neutrally and plainly e.g. in a football shirt, sweater and jogging bottoms. Older male SLEs will often occupy dominant roles in organisations and firms, and thus wear suits....

    ...Male SLEs are clever and talented, and they have a healthy sense of humour. They exude the charm of a powerful individual, confident in himself. Like male LIEs, they make for great company, and those around the SLEs appreciate their jokes, normally accompanied by explosions of laughter that seem to capture the attention of everyone around them. "
    Type Stats:
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