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Thread: Losing the Weight -- How?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    And that leaves me with #3. I have just been having so much trouble. Been improving, but still hard to stop eating once I start... Getting more sleep would probably help too.
    A coffee, cigar, or shot of liquor after a meal is a good way to stop gorging on food when you're hungry or lingering too long at the table and eating too much. They put an official end to the meal, deaden the taste buds, and kill the appetite.

    Some experts recommend a couple glasses of water at the end of a meal to fill up the belly and kill the appetite. But on a long-term basis, chugging a lot of water is not something I look forward to at the end of a meal. I like a little treat awaiting me at the end.

    If I'm serious about losing some weight, I'll figure out how much I want to eat at the start of the meal and then have something right at hand as soon as I've taken my last bite of food. A strong cup of coffee is good after breakfast. For supper, I'll have a finger or two of whiskey neat in a glass right at hand and start sipping slowly as soon as I'm done eating. (I don't tend to drink a whole lot of straight whiskey, so a single drink will satisfy and I won't be tempted to get refills). Booze is extra calories, of course, but the booze gives me a lift and gives me energy to get active after supper (putter around or practice dance steps), and that burns extra calories and aids digestion.

    Here's a separate issue that hasn't been brought up but is sometimes worth mentioning.

    Dieting means putting up with an empty stomach much of the day. Some people may find an empty stomach to be genuinely uncomfortable, leading to snacking between meals and difficulty controling their weight. In some cases, the cause may be some mild gastritis (long-term irritation of the stomach lining). When the stomach is empty, the stomach acids irritate the stomach lining; snacking provides relief because food in the stomach soaks up the acid. But that cycle makes it hard to diet. Therefore, such people may want to consider use of antacids (Tums and Maalox) and PPIs (Zantac and Pepcid) to reduce stomach acid, at least temporarily until the irritation subsides.

    Mild gastritis can also lead to sleeping problems. Typically, such people can get to sleep easily but find themselves waking up for no reason after 2-4 hours of sleep (about the time the stomach gets empty and irritated). Late night snacking helps them get back to sleep, but that's not good when you're trying to lose weight. So again, such people would probably want to take a 75 or 150 mg of Zantac at bedtime to settle their stomach for 8 hours, and maybe also get a white noise machine (babbling brook, wind in the trees) to provide stimulation and help change up their sleep patterns. Even with that, it might take a couple weeks to change their sleep patterns permanently and stop waking after a couple hours sleep.

    Just a couple random suggestions that have helped me and others.


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    See the hiking thread.

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    ... get four new bras. One good one makes it look like you've lost 10 pounds, ergo...

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    Find some new activity to do that keeps you focused. That way, you won't be eating out of boredom, and will be less likely to snack if you're doing something interesting. (At least, this works for me as a way to eat less.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natrushka View Post
    ... get four new bras. One good one makes it look like you've lost 10 pounds, ergo...
    One down, three to go! Wheeeeee!!!!!

    ...Hmm. For some reason, I think the scale is broken. My weight isn't changing... <frown>...


    I just would like to say I tried very hard to get my walking in this weekend... AND not eat to the point of overstuffing, even at the wedding and rehearsal dinners I had attended. I could have eaten less, but I definitely did not eat my normal amount... and still felt full and content afterwards.

    I am just trying to psyche myself up: "I can do this, I can eat wisely and still be happy and don't need food to feel better about life."
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    Quote Originally Posted by FineLine View Post
    Just something I've learned as I get older: It gets harder and harder to exercise off excess weight. When I was younger, I could lose 10 pounds just by upping my exercise level a bit. But nowadays, even with a pretty vigorous level of regular exercise, I'm having to resort increasingly to reducing my calorie intake just to stay at an even weight level.
    Same here. I used to be able to take pounds off by just increasing exercise. That doesn't seem to work for me anymore. Now I have to watch what I eat (and drink). I lost about 25lbs with Atkins a few years ago, but gained most of it back due to not sticking to a low carb diet ... and my beer intake. I can stay at just over 190lbs with my present diet and (lack of) exercise. Would like to make it down to 175lbs again though. We shall see. I seem to suffer from lack of motivation in this decade as well.

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    My understanding is that you'll need to cut out all the sugar and all the fatty stuff, and replace it with good, nurtrious food. For the first two or three weeks, you'll be hungry as hell untill you adapt. If you get hungry between meals, have something you can nibble on that is healthy and won't add a lot of calories or fat or anything. A good example is just a little baggie of veggies or fruit slices or lettuce (mmm, lettuce ). If you're going to drink, I hear vodka is the best when you're on a diet, because it digest better and has very few calories or something (I'm not really sure, but its better than beer). Find food that you like that is nutritious. Find a good deli with healthy food. Prepare your meals before hand so you have definitive portions to eat and don't go and make extra.

    Exercise. Make sure you have fun while doing it, or else you won't do it at all. Go for a long walk one day, lift weights another, ride your bike, swim, ect. Building muscle mass is good because it will convert fat tissue into energy and more muscle tissue and heat (or something like that), so don't be afraid to lift weights and get some muscles. It will probably look better, too.

    Be patient. Don't go on the scale everyday, because you won't see a difference. In fact, put your scale in your basement or in a box in the closet so you don't look at it all the time. Check your weight every two weeks or something, that way you'll actually notice a change and you'll feel great about it, you'll feel accomplished.

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    Hmmmm some weight gain as you age is normal... don't feel too bad about it.

    1) reduce salt intake - High salt in your system leads to water retention. Besides, it's bad for you anyways...
    2) try keeping yourself happy - Some people have a tendency to indulge in food when they're depressed. Also stress can cause your body to go into "emergency mode" where it thinks it needs to store additional fat in preparation for difficult times. Blame evolution for that silly nonsense...
    3) reduce intake & increase exercise - As you age, your metabolism goes down... use less energy = more energy for storage.
    4) weighing yourself on a scale repeatedly is bad for you - Really your absolute weight probably isn't as important as how you perceive your overall health is. Just try to maintain a balance and healthy lifestyle. ^^
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    4. I agree with whenever I weigh myself I'm never happy with the results, so I avoid the scale as much as possible. I weighed myself in a moment of weakness and realized I should lose 15 pounds, even though I'm not fat. Yet but it takes another 15 pounds + another+ a few more before I'm losing things under flabs fat.

    On how to lose weight I don't know the only ways I know are unhealthy. I guess mostly reduce calories and exercise but I'm sure someone's mentioned that already.

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    this was an interesting revelation to me um I actually wasn't eating enough, now that I have started eating um I am starting to lose weight again.... odd isn't it?
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