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Thread: Internet Forums, 'Real Life', and Personality distortion

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    Addendum: Now don't go projecting any of your "mommy issues" onto me!

    *Jack replies, "I don't have any "mommy issues."*

    *Anja winks again.*
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    For the most part, I would also tend to agree that people reveal their true selves online, since for some, the sense of anonymity serves as a safe haven for more genuine responses.

    (LoL. This discussion reminds me of a recent dating experience I had. The Internet provides a useful portal for background checks. So GLAD I did research before I let myself fall deep- it only reconfirmed my hunches about their portrayal of honesty/sincerity despite the 'gentlemanly' exterior IRL).

    Great topic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by disregard View Post
    There was a thread over at INTPc called "Deceptive Perception", about posting anonymously and how your unique style of writing will always permeate your facade.

    Just like IRL.
    Oh snap.

    Yes. I agree with this and I think most people don't create a false personality. I think they only hold back to withhold their true identity. Nothing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    I see the distinction as arbitrary. People make false personas in RL too, they also deceive, mislead and fake.
    Well said. If you think about it, most people are shaded differently based on any given context: they dress and behave differently at home, when applying for a bank loan, with friends, at church, when visiting parents, when ordering ice cream, attending high school reunions, etc. People bring out and emphasize various aspects of their true selves, like drawing a variety of caricatures, based on the requirements of the situation. As far as deliberately distorted images, it likely happens, but even online that would take a lot of energy. The people I have met irl from the forums are similar in both context with a little change of emphasis in some cases.
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