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Thread: Bullying

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    Hmmm... Well these bullies are annoying for sure. Don't make it obvious you're so intimidated but don't act too tough. Acting aggressively will draw him to bully you even faster like a hungry whore. So yeah, act boring and uncaring, with a tad bit of sarcasm (but not too much). Show him a sense of superiority. He may take offense by this, but portray your strength without doing something stupid. It's better to have him dislike you with you in control. Make him feel stupid with what he does. It may stop him, or he may be too stubborn to quit and will feel bound to tormenting you further. In that case, rape him (not necessarily sexually).
    The most recommended (by me) plan is to set up a trap. Find out when he will stay after for rugby (or whatever), and identify when he is alone. Do this after he displays some kind of depressive/aggressive mood at school. Then, when he is acknowledged as a troubled kid, approach him. While wearing gloves or mittens or whatever, make him hold your pencil real quick. Before he does something stupid, push his pencil-wielding hand straight up into his throat. Quickly leave the area, and have fun. Go play some video games or something like that.

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    You may not want to take my advice though, for particular reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patches View Post

    I have been there. I got the shit beat out of me in high school. Three girls used to gang up on me. They would pull my hair, scratch at my face, and when they got me on the ground they would kick me in the stomach/ribs. They taunted and harassed me on a regular basis. And I let it happen. I was embarrassed to tell my mother about it. In hindsight, I can't believe I let them get away with the kind of shit they did. I'm not sure if this offers you any comfort... But the students who do that kind of thing, no matter how popular or cool you perceive them to be, are insecure and are struggling to be accepted just like everyone else. They have issues.
    What the hell is wrong with people!? That was pretty intense, it seems that my bullies have a tendency to disappear shortly after harassing me. (No Suspicion). No but seriously, that is pretty bad. How chaotic has this society become? Terrorism is always happening in America. I have I plan for that though, so don't worry too much (No Suspicion). Yes, bullies may be because they are insecure, threatened, naturally destructive or even bored. It is too bad that people are oriented towards having opinions and feel bound to particular obligations. You can really only take care of yourself, and those with similar perspectives, if so. Good thing I'm moving from this universe tomorrow. (In a way)

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    You can always cater to your strengths. Challenge him to a push-up contest and goof around the entire time. Claim defeat. Say he's better. Make a big deal about how he's such a badass for being able to do more push-ups than you. If he hits you, make a scene out of it, claiming that he's caused irreparable brain damage or something. Be loud and obnoxious. If he challenges you to a fight, say no way, you'll kick my ass and forfeit...while making a really big deal about it. Say it loudly and obnoxiously; get the attention of nearby friends and teachers. There's much you can do to negate the effects of a bully.
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    Get airgun and start shooting as he gets closer to you then run around and tell him to dance while shooting him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmatic View Post
    I got this dude in my school he's really big and a rugby player and I'm kinda short 5'5 skinny built. I am well liked by people and got quite a lot of friends but every time he gives me shit for some reason. Throwing potato chips at me, slapping me on the back of the around out of nowhere, making dirty comments about's fucking shit cuz i can't do anything about it. I'm always scared around him because I know I'm the likely target. Sometimes i just wish he would die or something and just go away. Maybe it's because i act like a clown always joking and so I become an easier target but fuck it's annoying. IDK what to do.

    What are some shit of yours?
    maybe he wants to have sex with you
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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by Juice View Post
    Here’s how you can get rid of your bully:

    Step one: plant drugs in his locker, and make sure to separate the drugs into a lot of separate small baggies, that way he could be charged with possession with intent to distribute.

    Step two: make an phone call to the school pretending to be a frantic parent that discovered their kid is doing drugs, and that [insert name] has been selling it to them. Tell them that he keeps them in his locker. (doesn't have to be this exact scenario for step two. be creative)

    Result: expulsion from school / jail time for your bully.
    what a waste of drugs

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    Males and females bully in different ways.

    Males bully in physically ways, and the way to deal with a male bully is to stand up to him.

    However females bully by social exclusion. So by necessity, females use group bullying.

    And female group bullying is immediately emotionally painful and does long term emotional damage. And if we stand up to the group bullyies, it only makes it worse.

    Also female group bullying flies under the radar and so is invisible to those in charge. So they get away with it.

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    Tell that to the females who kicked me in the ribs. I'd rather have the social exclusion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patches View Post
    Tell that to the females who kicked me in the ribs. I'd rather have the social exclusion.
    Sadly, the victims of social exclusion are mostly female.

    And not only are the victims of female bullying emotionally hurt and damaged, but they find it very difficult to talk about their pain and damage.

    And so by trivialising social exclusion, and group bullying, you make yourself complicit.

    This would be bad enough, but is made worse by being a moderator.

    This is an egregious fault in a moderator and I believe you should resign.

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