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Thread: Highly Sensitive People

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    I consider myself to be an HSP, as I have always been physically sensitive (bright lights, loud noises, sensitive skin) and emotionally sensitive (sense others feelings, experience strong personal emotions, extreme dislike of conflict).

    In my opinion, it is part and parcel of being an INFJ. All of my senses are highly acute, which means I get overwhelmed easily, but can detect extremely weak or subtle phenomena which other people miss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jae Rae View Post
    It isn't shyness and it isn't vomiting at the touch of nylon. For me it's too much noise (or too loud), bright lights and a lot of activity. Superstores are very overwhelming. It's not a phobia, it's sensory overload leading to fatigue, edginess and not feeling "right." And that can lead to emotional upset.
    I can't stand superstores. I hate high ceilings. They bother me, for some reason. And there's always this half plastic, half rubber smell hanging around them...

    For some reason, Walmart and Costco are much, much worse than Target.

    Activity doesn't bother me, noise doesn't bother me (unless it's loud and too sudden), but I don't like the flourescent lights of superstores, either.

    I'm overly sensitive to body chemistry changes, but I doubt that this is the same thing.
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    Bright lights and intense loud noises over a long period of time. Of course INTJ's can be almost hypersensetive to rejection (true and I do not like to be made to look foolish) but I have learned to work with this issue now that I know it exists.

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    online i tend to be quite sensitive, real life, not so much, my Te is much more apparent in real life. and MBTI noob once typed me as ENTJ. then again he was a noob (as we all are at one point)
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    I'm an extrovert and very much so an HSP. (Apparently, we make up only 30% of the HSP population).

    I also firmly believe that NFs, and by extension, INFs, are the most likely prone MBTI type to also be HSPs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    I'm an extrovert and very much so an HSP. (Apparently, we make up only 30% of the HSP population).

    I also firmly believe that NFs, and by extension, INFs, are the most likely prone MBTI type to also be HSPs.
    I think there are many sensitive ISFx and INTx people too.
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