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Thread: How do you sleep N's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Members Only View Post
    Do any other N's, have an innate ability to be completely UNable to sleep, while simultaneously being able to sleep for days on end?

    I find it nearly impossible to shut my mind off to go to sleep, but when it is shut off, it is OFF. I then hate getting up again unless I have had a very lengthy sleep (At least 8 hours).

    I've been thinking, could this possibly be an N trait? The S's in my life all seem able too:

    1) Go to sleep faster.

    2) Get up easier with less sleep. In fact, in general they appear to need less sleep than me to function effectively.

    As N's (Especially IN's) live more in their heads compared with S's, does this in the long run, take a tole on how much we need to recharge with sleep?

    EDIT: My INTP friend also suffers from this, which made me wonder about its causes. In MBTI terms anyhow.
    lol.. I think it doesn't just depend on type. Stress could play a role in trouble sleeping too. and everyone get's stressed out! I have trouble sleeping sometimes if I've just had an intense argument with someone(my thoughts will keep replaying in my mind) ooor if I'm occupied/stressed out about certain things I will keep thinking about them and can't sleep. I think everyone else is like that too, not just on type.
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    I use homeopathic remedies. They seem to be somewhat more effective than herbs and without the side-effects of prescription drugs. I've had a bit more trouble sleeping lately because I've been working through some life issues, but things have been getting better. Two nights this week I actually slept during somewhat normal periods of time: 8 PM to 6 AM. Or somewhere thereabouts. I've noticed that focusing on my physical environment helps me get out of my head long enough to drift off into sleep.

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    Sleep is a waste of time

    I have periods of insomnia since ages 4 or 5. As a young child I called them "thinking nights".
    When not in sleepless phase, I go to sleep immediately, but I don`t need much sleep (6 hours per night is optimal).
    Sleep is supposedly good for you, but recent studies on hibernating animals revealed that they had higher incidence of Alzheimer-like conditions, compared to non-hibernating animals. So, if you sleep too much, you have an increased risk of getting Alzheimer disease?

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    i fall asleep extremely quickly but sleep extremely lightly. i am almost completely aware of what is happening around me. almost seems like that would be more of an Sensing (Se more then Si) trait
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    Thinking keeps me up too. I have tried to empty my mind and so on, but it works only partially: I don't sleep, but after being "empty" all night I will feel rested (plus, the time flies).

    I think every type can have insomnia, but the reasons might vary. The Ns might be awake mostly for thinking stuff. The S might be awake for remembering stuff that happened that day. Just a hunch.

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    I sleep little, no interruptions, ocassional nightmares.
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    Call me an N, or an S, but I have discovered a very effective way to shut down my brain when it goes mach 10 while attempting to sleep: I take a few deeeep breathes, slowly. This forces the mind into the 'now' and sleep is only a few minutes away.

    Either that, or if you are a man, read a couple of sentences in a romance novel. I guarantee you'll be sleeping like a baby (tried and true method). Use at own risk though; you might end up in a coma..
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    Quote Originally Posted by LostInNerSpace View Post
    You can hypnotize yourself to sleep. Close your eyes and imagine base diving into a sink hole somewhere in the Amazon. In your mind you want to keep falling and falling. Focus your attention either on an imaginary third eye or on counting down from 100. You want to keep your mind clear apart from that imagry of falling. Try not to fall asleep--you will fall asleep. It's perfectly safe. You do pretty much that without realizing it (without the imagry) every night. With enough practice you will actually reach quite a deep state of hypnosis without falling asleep. When you get to that stage you can simply tell yourself to fall into a deep peaceful sleep and wake refreshed at 8:00am or whatever time you like. You'll be surprised at how you are able to wake at precisely that time without an alarm clock.
    I tried that and it worked brilliantly. Thank you.
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