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Thread: Your experiences with mental illness

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    No, @Frosty, you don't seem like a fraud or a freak at all. Do not hate yourself for being sick. Having mental health struggles is just as valid as any other illnesses. It's just that. Think of mental illnesses not as character flaws or choices, but as real illnesses that can be treated.

    I'm glad you want to live. That's a huge step in recovery--to want it. You will rise out of this, I promise. There is never a hopeless person, only a struggling person. A way out of the tunnel is always there. Sometimes you just have to walk until you can see it.

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    I am suffering from mild social anxiety and agoraphobiabut I can manage to go out without freaking out
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    I was diagnosed with anxiety and possible OCD when I was younger. I was only like 8 or 9, and it's not like it was severe at all, especially not the OCD, but it was enough for my parents to notice and take me into a therapist. Talked with her for a while, it actually really helped, and when I was in late middle school and early high school I'd say my mental/emotional health was at its peak, but now I feel like I'm sort of really starting to not do well with the anxiety portion

    come to think of it, depression, anxiety, and OCD are not uncommon in my family, especially my mom's side. My brother has OCD to the point of him constantly washing his hands and panicking when he couldn't and my mom is on antidepressants, so there's that. my brother currently sees a therapist too. I don't think my mom even thought of putting either of us on meds. There's probably a ton of reasoning behind it, but she's never said anything about it.

    I would go into detail about the social anxiety, but I guess there's not much to talk about. I've known people who can't even talk in social situations, and other people who it makes so uncomfortable they feel like crying. For me I'd say I feel like shit after the social situation, but that's about the only difference I can think of from the symptoms you'd usually hear about.

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    - psychosis
    - mood disorder
    - anxiety issues especially socially related
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    I was diagnosed with GAD about a decade ago. After a brief interaction with a general physician, I was handed a scrip for Lexapro and Xanix (to 'help' with my adjustment to Lexapro) which I didn't fill, because I was too anxious about possible side-effects.

    At least I find the humor in it.

    I've identified with various neurosis and complexes at many points in my life. Had I been more trusting and concerned about my MH, I am certain I would also have a long list of labels and disorders.

    The best thing that I can contribute to this thread, and the lesson I learned (and am still learning - but can now see the horizon of) is that ones greatest 'weaknesses' or vulnerability, psychic fracture (what I like to call it) IS in fact, ones greatest opportunity for not only growth, but mastery. The universe will pummel you with these patterns, continually create circumstances where you have no choice but to transcend, on a long enough time-scale. It does this because it is patient, it is loving. It always knows who we are, beyond the veil, even when we forget. As we consciously crawl our way out of various mental bondages, we not only re connect with our higher selves, but we master the skills needed to do so, and then often feel a great passion to assist the 'others' in similar struggles.

    We can rarely see our 'deficits' as gifts, while we are 'in It'. But that is exactly what they are.
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    SAD, PMDD, and major depression for me. Took cipralex for a bit, cymbalta after that, now nothing. I haven't taken anything consistently to speak to its effect. Mostly due to the fact that I want to be fine, and lie to myself that I am, only to collapse again after a while. I haven't had a decent doctor for a while so I'm at that awkward phase where if I need help I need to go to a clinic, and it's not really the best way to get mental issues in check.

    It's been a roller coaster over the years, and I've shouldered some pretty difficult life events that carried on for far too long which certainly didn't help, but at least now my issues are out in the open and my family is aware of it which helps. Having the understanding and support really helps and although I don't exactly have an end in sight, it's one day at a time, and hopefully most of those days are okay.

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    schizoaffective, i manage it pretty well with saphris and lamictal. yes I need them, trust me because when i go off them things don't end well for me. I usually don't tell people irl because it's less understood than depression. Some people react fine to me telling them, others either don't believe me or are scared.or way too much of that bs pity that's like your so brave and strong things that people think will make you feel better but do the opposite. Because when I'm off meds I am really unsure if there's anything actually wrong so I won't tell anyone and become very isolated. when I'm stable on meds I look and act like everyone else, so unless you knew I took meds you'd have no clue and even if you knew i took meds you might think oh she doesn't need them. Yes I have been told to stop meds and change my diet or just to pray.and that i just need more sleep, um even off meds i usually get a good 8 hours of sleep a night.

    also people if they're accepting ask about the voices which yes i do hear but they're not really the main symptom for me, which is paranoia delusion and thoughts that aren't mine being inserted into my head. as well as thoughts being taken out of my head and rebroadcasted across the room. like i'd have a thought it stop abruptly and then finish on the otherside of the room
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    Severe depression and ADHD. The depression, when it's particularly bad, can manifest itself in paranoia. I've had at least two experiences where the depression just kind of led to a complete breakdown. The first happened during my first semester of college, and the second started in July when I got dumped and got worse in the fall.

    I wasn't being medicated for the depression at all for several years, which definitely didn't help. I'd managed to convince myself I didn't need it, and perhaps thought there was some kind of dignity to it.
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    I've only been diagnosed with ADD, but I'm sure I have some kind of low-grade depression and anxiety as well. Haven't seen a psychologist since I was 13. They also considered a non-verbal learning disorder for me because I got IQ tested and my verbal was significantly higher than spatial intelligence. But I've read about it and only relate to some of the criteria.

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    Omg can I just say all of thse acronyms are driving me up a wall because who has all of these memorized? @_@
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