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Thread: Mind Control and the Cult of MBTI

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    Default Mind Control and the Cult of MBTI

    Mind control is the hallmark of a cult.

    And in mind control we first disable a part of the psyche.

    And yes, the psyche does come in parts for as we grow we mature by completing certain life tasks. Some life tasks are foundational and are necessary for the completion of subsequent life tasks.

    A foundational life task is learning the difference between imagination and reality. They say the work of children is play, and the purpose of play is to learn the difference between imagination and reality.

    So if we can disable this foundational perception of the difference between imagination and reality, we are on the road to successful mind control.

    And it just happens that mbti constantly confuses the difference between imagination and reality. So mbti is devoted to disabling our perception of imagination and reality. Mbti is devoted to disabling part of our psyche to establish mind control.

    And this above all else shows mbti is a successful cult.
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    I am inclined to see truth to this.

    The fact that MBTI has become a constant part of my thoughts suggests that my mind is under some sort of control. A formula for human cognition and interaction. When I have an internal reactive picture formed from what is in front of me, that is my Si. When my romantic interests happen to appear to be ENFP, that is because Si and Ne go together.

    The division of cognition into 2/4/8 categories is appealing, and seems so strongly to have truth, as if there is something ingrained into the psyche about these divisions. And the fact that they are ingrained means, when we start to look at them it is easy to keep looking at them until one sees them everywhere.

    And it is known that the key to achieving a higher understanding is the dissolution of certain opposites used to explain things, e.g. the subject vs the object. So when one reaches a higher understanding, one no longer interprets the world through the categories of MBTI.
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