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Thread: What Are You Like When You're Angry?

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    Anger doesn't come by easily for me but irritation does. When I get angry I hold my tongue because I'm not sure what will come out. I internalize those anger and figure out why I was mad and if my reasons are legitimate concerns. I will get quite and have this F off look.

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    I look stern and deep in thought when I'm angry, I often cover my mouth.
    A little like the thinker statue

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    Because I have too much time on my hands and lists are fun:

    EJCC's Anger Levels:

    Level 1: Anger can only be read in facial expression
    Level 2: Anger can be read in facial expression and word choice (much more formal)
    Level 3: Anger can be read in facial expression, word choice (colder), and tone of voice (irritated), but is still not acknowledged
    Level 4: Obviously annoyed, occasionally making snide remarks or frustrated exclamations ("You really believe that?" "Why are you still doing that?" "This is bullshit!!"), and often laughing out of frustration; will feel bad after outbursts and apologize
    Level 5: Raised voice, ready for a confrontation


    90% of anger is at levels 1-3, and a good deal of time is spent within those levels on a daily basis (what can I say, a lot of things irritate me)

    Levels 1-3: Control is maintained; intense internal battle is occurring over how to filter pure rage and frustration into something civil and constructive

    Level 4-5: Control is either in the process of being lost or is already lost; minimal fucks are given, if any

    (There's nothing higher than level 5, or at least there hasn't been in about 10 years -- I don't yell or throw things or try to hurt people emotionally)
    and it's nice enough to
    make a man
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    conscientious > sensitive > serious (oldham)
    want to ask me something? go for it!
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    Historically, I have gotten angry at myself in response to things that may well deserve the anger more - the problem does not seem nearly as bad as the fact that I let it happen. It's almost dissociative at the very worst, perhaps ranting at myself as if I were another person, or writing myself a scathing letter in a journal.

    No question that is a self-absorbed way of looking at things. I do intend to balance it out, but hope not to lose the upside of it, which is motivation. The end result of the anger is determination. We must get stronger, we two.
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    sorry to bump this thread. when angry usually I go to my room and express my anger with kicking doors, throwing everything (which can't be broken of course), hitting tthe walls with my hand, etc with my mouth closed but sometimes I scream. I do it all when I'm alone. When I'm not alone I just don't say anything and show my angry face and sometimes cry

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    It will start out with some lighthearted humour pointing out why I'm mad.
    Then I'll start stammering and ranting in a higher voice, still with a little bit of humour.
    Then I go full Frank Grimes.

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    Break shit.

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