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    Quote Originally Posted by lil_Red View Post
    I'm more of an optimist. I don't doubt every single thing, I'm generally not brought down or discouraged by anything, but I can be skeptical, to be point of extreme negativity.

    You just shared your weak point.
    Destroying you is so easy, your enemy’s can do this mentally.
    I’m telling you for good, open your eyes and breath some air.
    Imagine this is the best thing you've ever read.
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    To point out flaws so the overall process, system, theory et al. can be improved is a positive, not a negative. How one thinks of right and wrong will figure into the answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    most things are subjective, when it comes to positive or negative. the fact i spent thanksgiving alone most would view that as negative, but you know what, it was good overall. I hung out with the dog ate chicken and mashed potatoes finished helix watched a fucking awesome show i had never heard of (darknet) and played final fantasy 7 and talked to my mom for an hour on the phone. got a text from a friend (who celebrated a week ago with her family and boyfriend, but worked a double yesterday) but everything is about perspective. and it's easy to get stuck in the everything sucks perspective. positive or negative is more emotional words.
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    I say this as a reminder to myself, but this goes for everyone:

    You can achieve anything you set your mind to, and you are limited only by how dedicated you are to succeed!

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    i see the bright side always...whenever there is a will, there IS a way....
    Good result (vs. Soton)...still have to go #Arsene

    Tengo los conocimientos hay un motivo para estar al tanto de la reunión que sucedió hace mucho tiempo ....
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