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Thread: What was your school stereotype?

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    Among the general student body, I was probably perceived as a nerd, but among nerds, I was the class clown.

    Really I just felt like my "act" would be lost on the hoi polloi.

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    shy quiet loner
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    I'm quite ashamed to admit it, but I'm somewhere between the girl who gets sad when she gets a B and who cries because she thinks she failed an exam and actually got an A. Ehh. Plus the girl who texts people at 2am asking if she can copy their homework.
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    I thought I had posted in this thread before, but apparently I haven't.

    I was bullied in elementary/middle school (I went to a k-8) but I didn't know it was bullying because it wasn't physical. I was socially ostracized and people teased me behind my back most of the time, and when they did it to my face it was in a more subtle way and I was too stupid to realize they were teasing me until much later. It really affected my self esteem back then even if I didn't become aware of it until I was out of that situation. Once I went to high school and my peer group expanded, I made a few more friends (mostly the "weird" kids). It wasn't until I encountered someone from elementary school who treated me the same as they did back then that I realized how shitty they had been to me (in this specific instance, I was walking to lunch, the girl came up behind me and started stepping on my heels, telling me to "walk faster". I ignored her at the time, but I think if the "me" of now was in that situation I'd snap at her). So I think my stereotype would be weird kid/loner. Also "smart kid" because I have glasses and got straight A's and apparently that means I'm smart. Most people only wanted anything to do with me when they thought I could be of use to them in group projects. Although in high school (especially towards senior year) I was able to come out of my shell a little more. I'm quiet in most school/social situations unless I have something specific I want to say. I have vivid memories about my high school psychology class (we were a very tight-knit class and everyone loved everyone, I miss that) and I was kind of a jokester there. We had to give a presentation once and say whether we were introverted or extroverted. I said I was introverted and no one believed me lol. Also happened in a communications class I took in college. People assume charismatic = extroverted.

    Long-winded response, and more than anyone asked for, but I had fun talking about it so w/e.
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    the pathetic loner

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    Hmmm I mostly hung out with gay guys so the beard?

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    Multiple people have this idea that I'm a mysterious assassin.
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    Default What was your school stereotype?

    I remember descriptions like: big sister, the artist, the one with strict parents, eagle eye (my teacher used to call me that) [emoji16]
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