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    I was [insert pejorative term here], all day every day. Fucking kids.

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    I think I already answered this a while ago but I do not want to read through the entire thread to find out.

    Somewhat a loner but I was well known in most circles and cliques. People thought I was a weirdo but likable enough
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    The quiet, friendly, smart, artistic kid who was a little weird.

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    Elementary school: Imaginative, gentle, and hypersensitive kid with way too many feelings. Easy target for bullies.
    Middle school: Anxious and emotionally unstable kid who was trying too hard to be a tough badass. Fell "in love" with anyone and everyone.
    High school: Individualistic, interesting kid. I don't think I fit into a box.
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    In my school I'm that one extraverted loner that hangs around the weightroom rats and mixed martial artists. Basically I'm the jock that has too much of a "who gives a fuck" attitude to be accepted on a sports team.
    "Don't let a damned soul stomp on you for your age, but instead show them that you can be just as good as them in both morals and judgment"- 1 Timothy 4:12 in my own words that I can relate to.

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    Idk tbh, I like to think no one cared enough for me to have a stereotype I honestly feel I was probably invisible to most people. I guess 'new kid' would be a major one cos I went to so many different schools. I reckon some people thought I was a bit of a geek/nerd, for some reason a lot of people thought I was a super smart straight A/A* student when I think back to some remarks made by people, quite flattering but not really the case. Then those people that managed to have occasional conversation with me would have thought I was a bit weird, shy, awkward etc. Tbh sounds so stereotypical INTP.

    I guess to sum up, the new weird shy nerd. Tbh the shy bit could be eliminated at one of the secondary schools I went to, I was a bit more open there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_X View Post
    i don't know if there was a name for it.

    i was friends with everyone. the preppy kids, the partying kids, the geeky kids etc etc

    i probably dressed more.preppy than anything else but some of my best friends were the long haired metal heads.

    i was homecoming queen 3 years in a row
    the last year i was nominated i told them i didn't want to do it just seemed so cheesy and its not like you can do anything about it. they just pick like 3 girls in each grade and the school votes.

    so silly
    Quote Originally Posted by Chanaynay View Post
    Can't think of a stereotype, but I was nominated for "Best Dressed," "Most Unique," "Most Gullible," "Cutest Cutie," and "Always Makes You Smile."
    Quote Originally Posted by five sounds View Post
    friends with people from all different groups. i was the 'spirit queen' three years in a row, basically meaning i went full-on silly dressing up during spirit week. was involved in drama with the drama kids, took honors classes with the smart/nerdy kids, dabbled in sports with the jocks, partied with the skatery burnout group. made a few rebellious/mocking 'statements', but was well-liked by most teachers.

    ^^I guess it would come as no surprise to say I identify with "all of the above" experiences. Although I was never the homecoming queen. I was always the court jester. I was a "spirit week" failure too because I could never remember what each day's theme that whole thing took a little too much forethought than my high school mind was prepared to take on haha. And it's standard knowledge that no one dresses well where I come from. Grunge isn't a fashion. It's a necessity.

    whoops, I should also say I was never alert, coordinated or competitive enough to be any good at sports (like five sounds? jealous)
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    Loner, like many in this thread.

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    Short answer Lazy loner

    I was a very big loner. Admitting it, against all the shame that was heaved on me since the dawn of time. Don't do this, do that. If you cannot be like the other kids, we will FORCE you. Learn to play along or be played.

    I generally had no issue with anyone as long as they left me alone. I actually had a bit more of an issue with unjustified authority, and I still kind of do. Children are feral, but their wildness zyzis predictable. I cared more about my books than anything else, snuck them into class, and probably lost half of my collection that way. If it wasn't reading it was writing, if it wasn't writing it was staring off into space. No one else could understand my writing but I could, jumbles and squiggles made more sense than solid repetative letters mashed together harassing me. Homework was and still is a struggle. Usually scored pretty well without putting in much effort, but when there was something that really drew me in, I was really not able to let go. Everything would need to be sucked out, reassembled, stuffed back in, flipped around upside down, and then fledazzled into something nearing possible to regurgitate. Puzzled many that my grades could be so low, but my scores could be so high.

    Middle school was actually alright. In all honors classes, which I actually really enjoyed. You could learn whatever you wanted about anything, puch as far as you wanted to push, and while it pushed back, sidestepping and finding a new track was always possible. Generally hated gym though.

    High school was hell. I was stupid and thought that, hey high school is going to be more difficult and I had straight As in middle school, why not drop down make things easier and do what I want to do. Big mistake. Standard courses want standard answers. They want guidelines. You will learn x in y amount of time, and you will learn it in z way. No wiggle room, just adult molly coddling. Stopped doing any work at all. Detentions abounded.

    Just realized that I focused on academics. Guess thats just where my focus was aimed. Kids were background noise until forced upon me, at which point they became the enemy. (Bit dramatic). Had a few very close friends, and I went to a pretty tight nit barney love pat each other on back while sticking them with a kick me sign sort of school. Never liked groups, unless I was the only member.
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