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Thread: Repression

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    Default Repression

    What has the difference been in being told you can't do something and that only making you want to do said thing more and possibly even acting on that, vs being told that you shouldn't do something and going along with that / conforming?

    Or any thoughts on this in general are welcome.
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    It never meant much to me. I'd listen, smile, nod, and proceed to do whatever it was I wanted anyway. I've never understood the desire to do something "more" because of being told I couldn't or shouldn't.

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    I can't relate to it. If someone tells me I can't do something it's largely irrelevant to me. It doesn't make me want to do it more. I don't get the motivation to "prove someone wrong" like, ever. If someone tells me I can't, then I'll consider it, see if it's a logical reasoning (I'll often ask why they think this). If it makes sense, and there'd be consequences if I were to attempt it, then I'll listen. If not, I'll keep doing it and disregard their comment as erroneous.

    The idea of conforming/not comforming for the sake of, is something I just don't think about. It's meaningless the vast majority of the time.
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    You know, Jung's Fi profile seems to be primarily concerned with that traditional notion of psychological repression. I have been curious about this as well.

    I am in the first category, and perhaps uncoincidentally, do not identify with Fi.

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