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Thread: The Social Benefits of Being a Total A-hole

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
    Being a total asshole isn't beneficial.

    The question is how much of an asshole to be, and whether that changes depending on who you are hanging out with.
    This guy's an expert, people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoBiscuit View Post
    Being a total asshole isn't beneficial.

    The question is how much of an asshole to be, and whether that changes depending on who you are hanging out with.
    Basically this. Though I hesitate to use the word asshole, because in some cases this is true, in others it's not. It's more about being aggressive and or assertive. Sometimes you need to throw others under the bus, other times, no casulties are made. Also we all need to bear in mind this was done on middleschoolers, who are quite different on a developmental plane. These patterns seen can't be duplicated into the adult world completely. However patterns can be drawn, and I would love to see a study on it.

    Also, being a total asshole IS helpful, if you have other things to back it up. The best example of this (that I have knowledge of), is E.J. Corey. It's a nobel prize winning chemistry, and in the world of organic chemistry, is regarded as the most famous organic chemist ever. If you forget who invented a reaction, say his name, you got a good chance you're right. The guy is an amazing scientist and does incredible work. He is also a complete, bonafied asshole to most anyone he meets. This is well known within the organic chemistry community, and if you are a graduate student (such as myself), don't even bother talking to him unless he talks to you first, or else you run the risk of problems. It's sad really. But, he's SO good at what he does, that he can get away with being an asshole, and uses it to strongarm around others to get what is needed or what he wants. It's tongue and cheek, but many chemists at MIT are "just waiting for E.J. Corey to die already." Years ago, there was also a very controversial event in which a graduate students commit scuicide, and in his scuicide note, explictly blamed E.J. Corey for him taking his own life. All put together, it pains a very interesting picture. He also had 2 others commit scuicide under his guidence.

    Either way, in some cases, you can be a pure asshole.

    Also, this thread needs this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasilisa View Post
    There’s something vaguely discomfiting about reading any sociological study of friendship—the subtle intricacies of high school snubs and cruelties rendered in cold, clinical prose. Faris’ study also feels strangely primitive, in an ‘80s movie way, as if becoming friends with the homecoming queen is the ultimate aim of all high schoolers. It’s impossible not to feel like the researcher must be working through his own teenage issues, running multinomial logistic regression models when he could just be watching Mean Girls.
    Good grief. I had nothing in common with the people in either of the "top" two groups and was probably toward the bottom of any social pecking order, so "moving up" was not even on my radar. Much ado about nothing to me, not to mention inconsequential in the broader scheme of things (i.e. life).

    Put another way:
    Quote Originally Posted by 93JC View Post
    who gives a fuck about being prom king/queen?
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    Sure, it's beneficial for the asshole (and, to a lesser extent, to those whose interests happen to align with the asshole's).

    It also runs the danger of turning into 'societal taking without giving back.' Of course that's beneficial to those who are willing to do that.

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