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Thread: No Imagination

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    The vast majority of my extended family is like this. As a young child I wanted to be included in what the grownups were doing, but whenever I was, I found it inexpressibly boring. Thank goodness for books.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nights and Days View Post


    Quote Originally Posted by Mole View Post
    They say if you haven't read for two days, it shows on your face.
    ..and if you have been reading, it shows in your brain for a few days.

    Reading Changes Brain's Connectivity, Study Suggests

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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    I tend to be the opposite, I have a hard time remembering the details most of the time I remember facts I've learned and the overall feeling of the trip like it was good or it was bad. that simple. or I go on tangents in my head and wild flights of fantasy and so the idea of me with out imagination is me without a brain. my brain doesn't do concrete well.
    Yeah I relate to this also. If I note a detail, then my brain will latch onto it & create a story with it. Or it's ALL I see, at the expense of other things.

    I'm always imagining something not it people or some aspect of the experience. I feel disappointed with reality a lot. I imagine something grander going on simultaneously - how it COULD be, if perfect. And I ponder what significance it has to me, which tends to influence how much I engage or not.

    I can only really enjoy the sensory aspects if I get into some zone where it's more a wash of atmosphere. Then, like you, I remember a kind of mood for the whole thing. The mental pictures I bring up are not snapshots of reality, but my brain telling me a story of what I feel happened, based on the overall impressions left. I pretty much realize I remember my thoughts & feelings in an experience more than the experience itself (so Fi-Si).

    After awhile, it's like a dream where you can't quite recall what happened at all but you still feel its effects and know there was something important about it. And later, an experience is squashed further into some vague reference point that at best, symbolizes some meaning a phase in life has been assigned.
    "Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself. But it's always with love - So much love it looks like everything else. Charlotte Sometimes - So far away, glass sealed and pretty." - The Cure

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