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Thread: Do we project an image of our anima?

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    Default Do we project an image of our anima?

    In recent days I discovered that I am often times running away from what I actually am. I am constantly trying to convince people that I am a gentle compassionate person. In a way, I am, at heart, but physically, I am not... at all. To many people I speak with, they seem to believe I am a kind gentle compassionate person, until I lock eyes with them and they react as if they have gazed upon THE ICON OF SIN. lol. So as a result, I intiutively avoid eye contact with people I know will react negatively... specifically (for some odd reason) ESTJs and ENFPs.

    I was also thinking about ENFPs and how they are similar but in reverse. Visually speaking, it seems to me that some ENFPs will come off as a hardy, hardworking, well put together person, when a lot of them seem to complain about how their lives are complete chaos.

    ENFJs project an image of being "badass" when inside they feel easily wounded or lack willpower

    ESFJs project an image of "intellectualism"

    some ENTJs seem to project a much more "emotional" appearance, many of my ENTJ clients seem to think they are INFJ, when in fact this typing completely contradicts the reactions people have of them, and the complete lack of political awareness they imbue, lol.


    I'm tossing around a theory in my head, that insecurity or lack of love for the self actually drives this anima image to be more apparent.


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    It checks out for me.
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    I know what you are talking about. I feel like I need to show people that I can be loud, obnoctios, outgoing and aggressive or whatever. When people deny that, it makes me sort of angry and I feel like I need to prove them wrong. I once went through a phase when I wanted everyone to be afraid of me. I do sort of think I am trying to show people what I wish I was even though I know I am not that.

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    I know I come across as bubbly, goofy and extroverted and ...very much crazy, especially around people who I am not close to and acquaintances. Really, I am very self-focused and sensitive. I am friendly, but I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable around others. As soon as I am away from college I do not wish to be my extroverted self.
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    I project various personas, depending on the situation.

    If I'm out drinking at a bar with friends, I almost come off as an ESTP or an ENTP, much less reserved than myself in my most natural state. I become more confrontational (not starting bar fights, but poking at people a little more, not giving as many fucks if I hurt feelings or seem slightly obnoxious). I can see myself doing this and I hate it, but at the same time it excites me to know I have this hidden extravert within, acting like a suave prick who is suddenly the center of attention, the envy of my male friends and suddenly quite appealing to the women. I think this secretly turns my wife on more, seeing other women notice me and knowing she gets to take me home and shag.

    In high school, most of the people I hung around were extraverted types (some were themselves introverts merely projecting their own outgoing personae) so I would also act more bubbly and cheerful. On the flipside, if I were hanging out with quiet, artsy types, I tended to become more reserved; my intellectual side would also come out more.

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    ummm... I come across as me. I am a multifaceted person, after all
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    I project an image of being warm and kind when I'm a robot. Or maybe there's gooey stuff underneath. I'm not sure. There's a test on Okcupid that I think is a variation on MBTI, and I get described as a Robot. Anyway, I relate to the distinction of being like an actual robot... not out to destroy humanity, but just kind of overly helpful and eager to please. There is a part of me, for certain, that is obsessed with trying to please other people and win their approval (like an ESFJ, I guess), and then a part of me that likes to pretend that it "doesn't care what other people think."

    It's interesting, because this is kind of like what you describe, and I can see commonality between ESTPs and INTPs about this, which I would not assume to exist on the surface.

    I think you are on to something.

    In my opinion, though, I do not think it needs to be an either-or-thing. I don't think you necessarily need to make a choice between the dominant and the inferior. My understanding of "integrating the inferior" is when this happens.
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    I thought it was obvious?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azure Flame View Post
    ENFJs project an image of being "badass" when inside they feel easily wounded or lack willpower

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    Some of us use mbti to manipulate others, while maintaining a mask of impartiality.

    But it is hard to hide the predatory intent.
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