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Thread: Emotional Blindspots

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    Quote Originally Posted by squibbles View Post
    Attraction. I CANNOT, for the life of me, tell when a guy is just being friendly, or if he actually is attracted to me.

    Seriously, it's probably just easier to knock me over the head, I don't get the subtle flirtatious hints

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    I try to have a positive outlook on life and so I don't always pick up when others are distressed or unhappy.

    I'm not sure if this is an emotion or not, but I have a hard time recognizing deceit. It has happened several times where people say one thing to my face and then I find out later that they were doing something completely different behind my back.

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    i'm not sure what my blind spots are... mostly figuring out if a situation is romantic or platonic. i think i just mix up the signals or lack there of. other emotions seem to rub off on me though, like if someone is pissed, i can tell and i start to feel a little pissed, same with sadness, joy, etc.
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    I tend to miss out when someone is mad at me but I can be hypersensitive to it at times as well. I can miss it if someone is attracted to me too.

    Funny thing about my own emotions. I can't remember negative ones very well at all. I experience them, but when thinking back on the situation, I don't usually remember what it felt like (especially emotions associated with physical pain.)

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    Sexual desire. Also when people are joking/serious sometimes. (When playing around goes too far around fools.) I'm also oblivious to attraction. Or maybe I've brainwashed myself into believing that people could like me.
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    I'm not as empathetic as I'd like to be. I'm sympathetic... I understand why someone is experiencing emotion and I can relate to it a bit, but I never really feel for people in pain in a way I would like to to help them out.

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