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Thread: How Accurate Are Opinions?

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    Default How Accurate Are Opinions?

    I've observed that people are quite often convinced that their own opinions must be the right ones.
    Do you believe that your opinions are the ones that must be right? Comment and vote your opinion (no pun intended).

    Here's a post I made that can give good reference to my own view on opinions and how they relate to truth:
    My best guess is that it depends on the context. This is because we each have our own independent points of view.

    It's difficult to say, at least as far as subjective questions go (like what's best for all, or what the right way is, and so forth), that one person is correct; this would mean that anyone else who thinks differently would have to be wrong, at least on some level. I prefer to think that all of our perspectives actually have value, though some may very well give greater treasures than others.

    Of course, other things that are more empirical (specifically science and experience) seem to have more objective values that can be given absolute correctness (assuming our observations our accurate). Just because we see something doesn't necessarily mean that's its true essence. As such, I think that all ways of seeing things each capture something within the overall picture of everything.

    Ultimately, we really don't know exactly what qualifies as "true". The only thing I can think of is that the general concept of truth may form a best fit with the true self, or "I Am that I Am".

    This pretty much means that we should act with the force and feeling of our true character, better reflect the light of God (love). Love is the greatest power of them all I believe. What better truth is there to have than true love?

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    Opinions are just opinions and are subjective. They are not fact, so how can they be measured by accuracy?

    A better question would be something on the lines of how strongly attached are you to your opinions? Can you easily see importance in another point of view or do you feel yours is more important or worthwhile?
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    Do you mean my own opinions, or people's opinions in general? This distinction will severely alter my vote.
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    Words are wind.

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    You talk about both accuracy and value of opinions. They're separate, but I think they're related.

    I'm of the mind that the value of an opinion (or assessment) is correlated with how accurate it is. Truthful assessments help us, collectively, navigate the world around us.

    My hypothetical opinion that "I like chocolate ice cream" may be pretty accurate (truthful). Is that opinion valuable? To me, it may be--perhaps I have fond memories of my grandma babysitting me and giving me chocolate ice cream--but the world at large might not find much value in my opinion of chocolate ice cream.

    Well-informed opinions on subject domains (e.g. those of experts) can be accurate and outwardly valuable.

    (Perhaps related: would it help to tease out the difference, if any, between opinion, assessment, perspective.. ?)

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    If the question you're actually asking is "can opinions become facts?" or "can opinions be facts?" then they are questions I have been struggling to answer for about a decade now. Maybe longer. I have always perceived them as having a huge abyss between them which cannot be crossed.

    If you're merely asking whether they can be close to correct then why not? Some would be more accurate than others.

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    Mine are.

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    Sometimes facts become opinions, and sometimes opinions become facts. It's funny when people pretend there's much of a distinction, as if there's some authoritarian influence that can ultimately cast one or the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Mine are.
    Is that a fact?
    I guess it would have to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kquirk View Post
    Do you mean my own opinions, or people's opinions in general? This distinction will severely alter my vote.

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    I think extremely accurate. It is easier to function that way.

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