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    Quote Originally Posted by CapLawyer View Post
    They use injections. For people forced on medication, they get injected once per month.
    So how do I go about getting the schizophrenic described in my OP on forced medication?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mingularity View Post
    Mods, can you please get rid of posts 39+ in this thread? Mal+, please do not threadshit again (in any thread, especially mine).
    As much as I appreciate you alerting us to a potential problem -- sorry, but this one's rather tame, and also you contributed to the threadshitting.

    To everyone: don't threadshit. We'll take the more significant derails to Off-Topic posts as per usual.

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    I don't like taking meds, and i don't think i should have to. but people have used some interesting tactics to keep me on them. Like right now i'm worried that i'm taking them for nothing and they're placebos and their really isn't a point in taking them. but i have to take them in front of someone, and my anti-psychotic dissolves in my mouth so i can't cheek it.

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