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    Default Competition

    Are you competitive?

    How much do you value competition?

    In what areas are you or are you not competitive?

    Against whom are you or are you not competitive?
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    I'm not very competitive and I think competition is mostly pointless. I have no problem with friendly competition (where people win by getting better, rather than by breaking the other participant down) every once in awhile, but I'm not driven by such things.

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    I'm fairly competitive, but it's often more of a character defect than anything else, in my experince.

    A slight bit of competition / meritocracy is useful in order to understand who is likely to be able to perform a certain task. But when you reach a fairly high level of proficiency in something, competition usually leads to cheating / political maneuvring / etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolita View Post
    Are you competitive?

    How much do you value competition?

    In what areas are you or are you not competitive?

    Against whom are you or are you not competitive?

    I am very competiive in some areas and could care less in others. Though reccently I've become more sensitive to other areas and it's a source of stress.

    I don't think I value competition all that much in the sense of believing it makes things any better. I beilieve bein inspired and pushing new ideas is great but the idea of competition seems more like just trying to be better than the next guy rather than your best. I like to win but I feel I am better when I put that aside and just try to improve and collaborate.

    I'm competiive with things that are winnable (sports,games) to an unhealthy point sometimes where I'm angry if I can't perform well. For instance I played some game with my ex and he was significantly better (I'd never played before) and rather than bein able to accept it it enraged me. I'm competiive in my work want to have the best designs. And I'm competitive with people socially, though only in the sense that I compare myself and feel inadequate as if I need to be the most popular and most attractive person on the planet or it doesn't count.

    I'm not competitive when it comes to own stuff or money. I'm not competitive about power.

    I'm competiive mostly with other people my age and it makes me prefer children and older people. I feel very competitive with my boyfriends ex though its nonsensical and I'm competiive with a few people from college. Unwinnable contests that only stress me.

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