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Thread: Do You Like Playing Offense or Defense Better?

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    I like defense, and I find the most entertaining games to be the ones that are low scoring. I played baseball and hockey, and my preferred positions were pitcher and goalie. I'm not sure pitching is really defense; it has the element of denying the other team, but it also has a very aggressive element that requires action and not just denial. I love the mindset and approach of being a goalie. You're part of a team but still set apart, and you're the last line of defense. I also liked that people didn't usually want to play goalie; that perversely made it more appealing.

    I never played football, but I think that might be the one exception where I'd prefer offense or at least have no preference. Safety appeals to me, but so does quarterback for the decision-making aspect.
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    The best defense is a good offense.

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    I liked playing defense in foosball more than offense. Defense requires a more dynamic state of mind, while on offense you're a pawn to the entire system.

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    Another vote for defense.
    Baseball- Growing up I was one of the smallest kids around which led to everyone assuming I wouldn't be able to hit home runs so I was pretty much forced to make a name for myself defensively. I loved playing 2nd or shortstop the most. There was one day that nobody was willing to play catcher so the coach (my dad) made me do it. I was terrified of getting bowled over in some close play at home. Sure enough, it happened in that game. Despite getting knocked down hard, I held on to the ball and got high-fives from all my teammates! Also it not only didn't hurt but it was kind of fun too! From that day forward I fell in love with being the catcher.

    Hockey- I was really fast and good at scoring but I preferred the grittiness of defense (mostly from what I learned in baseball). So against everyone's wishes/urging I stuck to my guns to play defense. I only played for a few years but, damn, it was fun!

    Oh yeah....aside from the inside-the-park type, I never hit a home run so I guess they might have been right on that one!
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    I voted offence but i meant in chess, i rarely play actual sports and if/when i do it's generally not one of those sports. So umm... swimming, running... i don't compete either. I trained in gymnastics classes for six years as a child... but that's not really in line with the poll question either. I'd like to say I hang back until i see a good opportunity. So umm... whatever that option is...
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    It depends on the sport. It's not so much offense or defense, but more of a focus on behavioral roles. I am not a confrontational or aggressive person in general, and don't care at all for roles where taking action to confront another player is paramount. I prefer facilitator or free-action roles, but those where I can be maximally involved in the outcome.

    For instance... I would be a terrible defensive football player -- I simply wouldn't have the "pursue and hit-em" mentality that's required. So although I never played football, I would almost certainly have wanted to play on offense - primarily as a distribute-the-ball quarterback (although my athletic skills probably wouldn't have allowed me to compete realistically there). Any sort of fighting sport (boxing, MMA, etc.) is simply not something I would ever participate in. I've studied martial arts, and enjoyed it, but it was always in a training environment, and never a competitive one.

    I played volleyball for years, and preferred setting, when given the chance. I played a lot of tennis and racquetball in high school/college -- there I was fairly aggressive and offensive in nature -- but the nature of the sport precluded confrontation. In baseball I liked playing pitcher and/or catcher, but was pretty happy playing any infield position (I liked batting too). Had I played more soccer / hockey I'd prefer forward or, particularly, goaltender. Basketball's a bit tougher... probably point guard.

    I guess... it depends. Nonconfrontational defense > offense > confrontational defense.

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    I have always liked a combination of both. One on one sports (like tennis), I tended to enjoy defense in the sense that I just wait for the overly aggressive person on the other side to screw up while I calmly, patiently and strategically place shots to make them run all over the place.

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    I am strangely surprised there are so many defenders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    I played baseball and hockey, and my preferred positions were pitcher and goalie. ... I love the mindset and approach of being a goalie. You're part of a team but still set apart, and you're the last line of defense. I also liked that people didn't usually want to play goalie; that perversely made it more appealing.
    My feelings are similar. I loved playing goal. I am of the belief that everything about a hockey team flows out from the net. The teams' styles of play, the pace of the game; everything follows from the play of the goaltender. The fate of the entire game rests in your hands.

    And yes, perversely the fact that most people didn't want to play goalie made it more appealing. You're the only one on the team crazy enough to purposely put themselves in front of the very hard, very fast-moving projectile. At a bare minimum your teammates wear a cup, shin guards, gloves and a helmet. You don't wear shin guards, you wear pads. You don't wear gloves, you wear a blocker and catcher. You don't wear a mere helmet, you wear a mask. When you're in net you don't just wear 'equipment': you wear armour.

    No one dares to enter your crease. It is yours, and yours alone. (Or else someone gets a lovetap to an ankle.) You rarely venture from your crease but you still have to follow every single play, every single man out there. You have to because there's no defensive partner to bail you out, no winger setting themselves up for a pass from you if only to deflect the other defence's attention away from you. You are the last line of defence. You are the last man standing. If you let one in you're not only letting the other team win, you're letting them crush your team's spirit. If you let the other team think they've got a chance at scoring and then steal that goal right from under their noses you can intimidate them like no body check could.

    There's no better feeling playing that game than catching a glimpse of the face of an opponent as you make a save. There's no mistaking that look of frustration or dejection for anything else. The best is when you can tell they're thinking "Dammit! I can't believe he stopped that! How the hell am I going to beat that guy?!" You have become their worst nightmare. You have become the faceless warrior at the other end who is the arbiter, the one man who will decide, at will, who the victors shall be tonight.

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    Should have had a goalie option too!
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