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    How often are you intellectually/spiritually focused? How often do you have those little moments of wisdom?

    Do you have a catalyst that aids or dissolves focus?

    Assuming it comes in waves, can you explain this?

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    Can you explain what you mean by focus? I'm not exactly sure what you mean... do you mean like epiphanies?

    The thing I'm most focused on right now, and probably overall in my life (particularly when school isn't something I need to think about, like right now), is learning music. I always play and/or listen to music, and I'm always thinking about it. I always try to analyze it because I want to be a great musician of some kind one day. I'm very focused on making that happen.

    The catalyst of this was, in the beggining, hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time, and hearing great music continues to retrigger my strong desire to learn music to this day.

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    These are kind of complicated questions to answer without knowing what you're trying to learn or why you want to learn it. These are good questions, but I'd rather work along side you as a scientist than for you as a mere subject of study.

    Could you explain the questions and the purpose behind them a little better?
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    How often are you intellectually/spiritually focused?

    Not very often.

    How often do you have those little moments of wisdom?


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