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Thread: Ps do you make to-do lists?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jontherobot View Post
    Yes, and I never use them after that. I prefer to think the act of creating them solidifies the facts in my mind.
    Same here. If I write something down, I'm not going to forget it even if I don't look at it again. I use this method to study as well.

    I will mark up my iCal like crazy. I need it...I have OOSOOM in a bad way.

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    I have an imaginary to-do list that I just use to chalk things into that I find interesting to check in the future. Unfortunately I seldom do, as the checking is usually also chalked up in there.
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    No, I generally free myself from obligations quite quickly so that I have nothing to do. Besides from that I am pretty good at self-organisation thats why I often thought I am a J in the past. People in the past often has put me in charge to manage things, cause I am quite easy going and still care a lot that things get done.

    My boss at work tho and my boss at home, as in gf, forced me to make a to-do list, so they can keep track of what I am planning. That was quite evil of them.
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    What not to do makes better sense for me. So when something goes wrong, I say it is a mistake, and I learn not to continue to make the same mistake.

    And I remember my mistakes so I don't have to write them down, and if I forget them, I bump my nose against them to remind myself once again.

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    No, I do make shopping lists sometimes because if I dont I wont ever get the everything I needed from the store. Now I dont remember the list half the time, then the other 75% of the time I dont write down a list so maybe 12.5% of the time I have a list though that number seems high. I can make 3 trips to walmart in a day My memory is half-baked and shot.
    Take what I say with a grain of salt, because that's all it is compared to the ocean of complexity when it comes to actions and real life.

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    Most say I'm an INTP... So I do make lists. But my lists generally contain the things I gotta do when working on a project, ideas that I get while working or while doing something else to work on them when I'll be working on the project. I pick things out from the list, things that I feel like doing at that moment. The reason behind that may be either because the other things are more boring or because it makes sense to do it afterwards.

    I tend to not forget appointments, but even though, I do write them down somewhere though. But in the end, I just throw the paper away before going out without even looking at it.

    Since so far the projects were all mine, I did complete all the "ideas" from the lists that I've made. Some were scratched due to a better idea, but none were left out.

    If I'm going to do something in real life besides a project, I don't make lists, I only think it through in my head. Assuming my brain does work that day (food, sleep, etc.), I don't forget what I thought of doing (asking, saying, etc.).

    Quote Originally Posted by Chawie View Post
    No, but I make shopping lists due to fail si.
    I find it boring to think about stuff like "I need to buy that and that and that, oh and that!" I usually think about more important stuff when shopping (or moving in general, like going to the store). Earplugs in, I hate the supermarket music and ads... So yes, I do make shopping lists - plan it at home, write it down, plan my route when entering and while walking down the store to be the most efficient route possible (). If I was rich, I wouldn't do shopping myself. It's tedious.

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    I almost never make to-do lists. Notable exception: packing, which I suppose could be considered to-do (bring pants!).

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    Yeah, it's generally so I don't forget to do anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    I do keep sort of an evolving list of stuff not to forget about. I don't know if it's exactly a "to-do" list. More of a "don't fuck up" list.

    This describes it pretty well.

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    Te makes me

    Then Fi helps me go and I forget instantly about the list

    Ne appreciates Te kicking me in that way though. It does help to solidify those things that are vital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    Then Fi helps me go and I forget instantly about the list
    Can you elaborate on that? For me, Fi is what makes me make the list in the first place, because I care enough not to want to forget whatever it is I am writing down.

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