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Thread: do you like change?

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    I don't like the way it weighs my pockets down.

    As far as reasons for killing yourself go, it's not up there with the best.
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    I grew up with a mother who was restless and thrived on change, so we moved every year on average and lived in many diverse environments from a reclusive Christian mission in the middle of the desert, to a metropolitan city in Alabama, to a wild west town in Wyoming. My life constantly changed and the people came and went so fast I never made friends, but observed many different cultures of people. I craved some consistency and lived for 14 years in the midwest during my higher education, but had learned that people are typically really nice and interesting right at first and then go bad after you know them. Every time I've moved since I was ready. A few years ago everything in my life changed as I went through a very unstable time. Now it is settled and stable, and I'm relieved, but I don't fear change because in a strange way it is my constant. I know much more is coming. Impermanence.
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    It depends on the change. If its change for the better, I usually like it. Things like getting a better job, moving to a better place, etc. There is still some anxiety with the change and sacrifices I have to make but its usually worth it.

    If its change for the worse, then no. Things like losing a loved one, losing a job, friend moving away, etc. I'm capable as most in adjusting the new circumstances but I'd much prefer that things were the way they used to be. Even though there can sometimes be a silver lining.

    If someone wants to make a change just for the sake of change and expects me to go along with it, I'm generally not too happy about it. Why fix what isn't broken.

    On the other hand, if I'm bored and want more variety in life, then I welcome change. I like to vary the route to work or go to a store I normally don't go to.
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    I prefer quarters.

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    Anew Leaf


    Wherever there is change there is opportunity for something new to come of it.

    So I embrace change because it means I have a chance to do something better this time.

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    I like changes of girl friend, I want to experience that so much and so quickly that I'll not remember any of them that it'll be a blur.

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    so there is change that comes from the outside (you adapting in the most passive manner) or from the inside (you changing, getting creative, doing things). these are the two introverted default options. also you can imprint external/incoming change with your own personality, through how you respond, thereby making it into your own. that's what extroverted people usually do. i would often feel, that i don't dare to do that. but what's underlying is the decision that it would be better for me, if i didn't do that. and it might be true. because imposing my personality on anything that involves normal people, that might just lead to big lethal detonations. so then, when this decisions becomes unconscious, i interpret the following behaviour of mine (passive adaption) as a compulsion or phobia and tell myself: oh but i would like to be myself. yeah, i would like to. but i have decided not to. because, originally, i perceived the situation to be scary, not my behaviour. the situation is TNT, my behaviour is just naturally vibrant. but i would rather experience myself as being afraid of my own possible shaking, or locked into my fear of shaking, thus into being unable to shake, than i would like to experience myself as being afraid of a world full of TNT, ready to blow up. the former is a mild neurotic fear, the latter is a cosmic existential vulnerability. people are fucking dangerous. they hate me, what i represent, and if i try to impose my personality on common ways, they might put my lights out. true story. in principle, not in detail. that's why i like to go unconscious about my decision. it's involuntarily. i don't seem to have the will power to direct my awareness to the acuteness of danger. so that is the story of what they call-social phobia, or schizoid paranoid PD.

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    I don't just like change, I need it.

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