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Thread: The Quotidian and the Creative

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    The Quotidian and the Creative

    The quotidian is the everyday, that which we take for granted, ordered by manners, mores and language.

    While the creative is fresh, original and new, ordered internally, self ordering, leaving the taken for granted behind to find ecstasy.

    The problem is that the quotidian and the creative are mutually exclusive. We can be quotidian but not creative, or creative but not quotidian.

    We try to solve this insoluble problem by:
    - helping people
    - making them laugh
    - political activism
    - withdrawing from the world
    - suppressing either the creative or the quotidian

    These are brave attempts but none of them solves the problem.

    Most of us are taught from an early age to suppress the creative in the interests of being in control of the quotidian world. And it works. But the time we graduate, we are in control and we are all set for a life of quiet desperation.

    I don't know what the solution is but I look to my feet and call my left foot creative and by right foot quotidian and watch what they do.

    I notice my left foot takes a step while my right foot remains still. Then I see my right foot take a step while my left foot remains still.

    Are my left foot and my right foot trying to tell me something?

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