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Thread: The biggest divide in psychology?

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    psychoanalysis and other psychoanalytic approaches(which i was referring to in earlier post) are doing really well in many countries, even if something isnt common in your country, it doesent mean that its history or isnt common in other parts of the world.
    I'm glad to hear that.

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    Which came first the thought or the feeling and whatever you say puts you in one of two irreconcilable camps. Cognitivism or Psycho-analysis. Also Satre was a totally vane and dull intellectual and his writing on the topic is a pale and poor reflection of "stoic psychology" or simpler cognitivism.

    Also computers are never going to be people. Terminators dont feel.

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    I've heard behaviourism was pretty big on the US during its conception due to the cultural/industrial emphasis on problem-solving and efficiency, so it'd make sense that psychoanalysis is less popular.

    Where I'm from, Freudian school-based approaches seem to be pretty commonplace - Klein, Winnicott and all that jazz.
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