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    I was kidnapped, sold into slavery and brought to a mansion in an undisclosed rural area to work for a family. I didn't know why I'd been sold into slavery, but I had the feeling I was being punished for something. I met the only other slave, a quiet and resigned young man who vaguely replied that he'd failed to achieve what was expected of him after I asked why he was there. I told him I didn't understand exactly why I was there, but that I believed I'd been targeted for doing something wrong.

    The family had two kids, an eighteen-year-old boy and a seventeen-year-old girl. The parents were very strict with the girl; she wasn't allowed to date until she was eighteen and they wanted to know where she was every minute she was away from home, but their son had just embarked on a career of being a porn star soon after turning 18 and his parents were perfectly fine with it. The one paid servant of the family, a young woman, warned me to steer clear of the daughter as much as possible, without elaborating on why. Soon after, I found myself about to pass the daughter in the hallway, and made the mistake of making eye contact with her. She got angry, told me I wasn't allowed to look at her and started calling me a bunch of four- and five-letter words. I barely held in the counter-insults that were at the tip of my tongue, but the fear of whatever punishment would await me helped me keep it inside. I settled for merely imagining telling her off.

    The next thing I remember, I was playing volleyball in the family's pool with a bunch of people, mostly guys, who were at least eight inches taller than me.

    “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.” - Hermann Hesse

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    A couple nights ago I dreamed that by eating metal my skin became that metal, so I ran around eating copper and platinum and admiring my shiny skin in a mirror.
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    @Vasilisa i feel like if this has happened you would know. but i had a dream that sociologist tried to figure out why online comments suck. and so one of the things they did was fine the 5 most grammatically correct, spelling, and niceness and they could not find 5 that matched that.
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    Eating a lot of ice cream and getting gloops of caramel on my spoon.
    You hem me in -- behind and before;
    you have laid your hand upon me.
    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
    too lofty for me to attain.
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    I was driving along a forest road at night and..

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    I have never read Alex Haley's "Roots". I have never seen the TV miniseries from the '70s. Despite this, I dreamt Kunta Kinte had gangrenous legs and they were removed by his slavemasters using a chain saw. I dreamt a young Levar Burton had his necrotic legs chopped off by a chain saw. It was so fucked.

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    Two relatively recent, very memorable dreams. One of them was a little over a month ago, and one of them was two nights ago. I'll start with the most recent one.

    I was sitting against a wall indoors at a university. As with most of my dreams, I was apparently attending said university, although the setting isn't one I've ever seen in my actual school before. I get a text from my best friend (with a picture of him covered in blood on the ground. Who took it? I don't know) with the message "I got hit by a car. It was totally their fault." I spent the next few minutes (which felt more like real time minutes than dream minutes) hyperventilating. The person sitting next to me (who slightly resembled a friend of mine from high school I recently saw at a convention) asked me what was wrong. I told her that my friend was hit by a car. My hands were really shaky from panicking but I managed to call him, and he answered. "Are you okay? Are you at the hospital? What room are you in?" He said he was in room 140. I immediately left to find him at the hospital. But, like so many of my dreams where there is an urgent problem, something keeps distracting me and forcing me to take too long to get where I need to go. I have to find something first at the school library before I can go see him (for reasons I don't remember). But every time I go to find it, something comes up and I have to look for it somewhere else. All the while, I'm upset because I need to go and see my hospitalized friend, damn it! This is a recurring aspect of my dreams--something needs urgent attention but I can't quite get to it despite constantly stressing that I need to. My alarm woke me up before I could get to the hospital to see him.

    A month ago, I has a very vivid and very terrifying dream that felt all too real and shook me up so bad I was in a state of hazy reality for most of the day afterwords. I was driving to Wal Mart with one of my friends to get food late at night. Always in my dreams, when it's night, there are no stars and the moon is never visable. The sky is as black as hex code 000000. On the way home, someone was following us in their car. We were the only cars on the entire street. I tried to lose them twice; they managed to keep up with us. But when I pulled into my driveway they weren't in sight. I went to bring the groceries inside and told my friend to stay put because I would be right back. I guess we were going somewhere else after dropping the groceries off. I was distracted for a minute inside the house because my grandma (who lived with me when I lived at my mom's house) told me that she was playing the Steins;Gate visual novel. I went back outside to the car. Both the driver's side and passenger side doors were wide open, the car was off, and the keys were gone. I checked every inch of the vehicle, but my friend was not there. Something made me absolutely sure that they had been kidnapped by the people who had been following us. I spent pretty much the rest of the dream screaming and crying because I didn't know what to do and it was my fault that this happened. Like most of my dreams, the setting was a setting that was familiar to me at the time of the dream, but doesn't actually resemble anywhere I've been to in my waking life.

    Oh, and the other day I had a dream that I had a heated argument with my best friend (don't remember about what). I was so livid when I woke up that I had to physically calm myself down and tell myself it was just a dream and he didn't actually do anything.
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    I had this dream that I was a slave but it was modern time and I was 6 and my sister was 4. We were at the mall and all the normal people were there and we were trying to escape, then these "good Samaritans" grabbed us and they wanted to return us as slaves. We ran into a bathroom, the bathrooms for slaves were like kennels, everywhere there was excrement and the floors were covered in brown, we were in a stall trying to change our clothing so we could escape. I remember thinking, I have to change faster, they r coming. Then I heard the people trying to catch us calling out and they were outside the stalls so I started to run with my sister. We got a call on a cell phone to run to the parking garage, we were in a mall, and we were running now being chased by the people, everywhere around were people with slaves. We got another cellphone call and the person said get into the first cab we see, two cars pulled up, one was full of three younger boys and they were in a beat up car but looked friendly and happy, the next car was an older man in a black suv with a taxi sign on top and he looked scary but I got into the black suv since it was the cab. Once we were inside he started to drive and we went out onto a freeway, I always see the same freeway over water in my dreams, it's this shallow, yellow light blue rippling water and there r city scapes in the horizon, often torn and crumbling. He started talking, saying he had two young girls and that's why he helped. I didn't say anything, I thought if this is a trap we can pretend we were confused if i don't admit we r trying to escape but I also trusted him.
    "My comrades and my beloved, upon your way you shall meet men with hoofs; give them your wings. And men with horns; give them wreaths of laurel. And men with claws; give them petals for fingers. And men with forked tongues; give them honey words." --Kahlil Gibran, The Garden of The Prophet

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    I dreamed I started yelling at my dad in the front seat of the car because I was really lethargic and wanted attention. And I also drank some alcohol.

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    I have one which stays with me, I remember ones since but this seems to keep coming back. It's where something is stuck in my throat and causing a blocked sensation... i have ti put my fingers in to pull it out and it is a huge lump of twisted mangled hair and it is wrapped around my tonsils and I have a great deal of difficulty bringing it out... much like hair caught down a drain... and I just keep pulling and pulling and it's really really disgusting.

    It came back to me whilst eating dinner because i was de-stringing the mange tout.... I have some little quirks with food, not many but de-stringing and excessive peeling are there... I think it may be dream related issues... haha
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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