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    I often have annoyingly realistic dreams.

    Like, in last night's dream, I was horny and cranky and needed to cum quickly so I reached for my vibrator ... but it wouldn't work. Or rather, it was emitting the faintest, slowest, saddest vibrations ever. I tried swapping out the batteries, shaking it, jiggling it around to fix any potential loose connections, getting more and more frustrated with each attempt. Nope. Nothing.

    It was a terrible dream.

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    cyri Ni


    A little girl with a large knife was trying to murder me.

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    for about the past week almost every night i've been having dreams where the theme is i have cancer really bad and am dying, and it's beginning to freak me out
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    by @agentwashington

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    Last night i dreamt: that i was walking around the neighborhood i grew up in and a had to climb this wall, but i wearing heels so i did and then it turned into a school/home for behaviorly disturbed boys so i'm walking around the place (inside) and i talk to this kids mom who is like "yeah he's 13 but still in 3rd grade" and then i keep walking and I run into this boy and he says to me "When I get out i'm getting bathsalts" and I go "Like the ones from miami?" him "yeah" and I say something then he goes "The kind you put in water that fizzles and make your skin soft" and I respond with "That's better then what i thought you were talking about" then I'm in the car with my mom and @ygolo is there in the back seat and my mom's annoyed about something and ygolo is oblivious to it becuase my mom doesn't say when she's annoyed she just radiates this energy that makes you really uncomfortable, some song comes on the radio and ygolo asks my mom to turn it up, and my mom really doesn't want to but does anyways.
    *yodelling* AAAaaaaAAaaiiiiiiayyyyyyyy

    by @agentwashington

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    I was in my grandmother's house after she had died, going through old belongings. Part dream and part memory.

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    I dreamed I was with my ESFJ ex, and I actually remembered the sense of love and safety of being held by him, but then all of the other horrible shit that Werner Hozog would like to make a droll bitter documentary about (says stuff like I don't see love or life in chickens but profound staring stupidity, honestly if it wasn't for Grizzly Man I would suggest Werner Herzog be quietly drowned as some brilliant, intellectual sociopath that had merits but was mostly just this weird unfeeling dick, is he an INTJ?) ...THEN I dreamed about ESXP, I am processing a lot of romantic or sexual relationship now, and the dreams are weirdly realistic, like even my dreams are literal, like here's the value but here's the consequences, see what you get but what you lost, think again and choose next time much more carefully.

    Edit: Lest anyone question my disdain for Werner Herzog, he's a loser who hates all living things (people, chickens, bears) who has convinced you he's a genius because of his schizotypal shoe eating personality. Chickens Join People on the List of Things Werner Herzog Has Disdain For

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    I was back in college -- my first one, not the one I ended up graduating from -- and walked into concert band rehearsal, only to realize that 1) I hadn't signed up for classes this semester, and 2) I hadn't really shown up for rehearsals the previous semester. The band director (who in real life was the percussion ensemble instructor) looked extremely disappointed in me, walked all the way across the auditorium to lead me away from the percussion section and towards the upright basses. The implication was that he was so disappointed in my drumming that he thought I needed to learn a new instrument. I realized in that moment that learning another new instrument -- I'm already learning the mandolin -- would be too much, plus I wasn't even enrolled in that class. So I apologized to the band director and left.

    On my way out the door, I checked Facebook and saw that I had apparently posted some awful secret about the band director's kids(???), claiming to have been bribed $5 to do it -- but I had no memory of doing that and hadn't even known that secret until then. Horrified, I deleted the post immediately, and started planning a lengthy apology email to the band director, explaining everything, and hoping that I'd be able to come back to band someday.

    I headed "back home", which led into what was essentially a second dream. I was living in one of four rooms in this unusual and modern house -- my room was connected by a long hallway to another room, and I didn't know the people who lived in it. The doors connected to the hallway led to 1) my room, 2) their room, 3) a bathroom, 4) a huge patio overlooking a forested cliff face, and 5) the main part of the house (which I never saw). I was holding something that I needed to put back into my room, and I opened a bedroom door and threw it in -- realizing too late that it was the wrong bedroom. So I awkwardly knocked on the door and apologized for doing that, and asked if I could go in and retrieve it. So I went in and as I was trying to get to the thing -- for some reason their room was incredibly tall and had a LOT of mezzanines(?), so I had to do a lot of climbing and going up and down stairs -- I was talking to the guys living in the room and getting to know them. And all the while there was this undertone of insecurity and shame from what happened with the band director in the first part of the dream.
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    I had a dream that I was back in CA with my parents for my birthday for some reason. To celebrate my birthday a bunch of my friends from OR came down to visit, and we ended up at the zoo... Because who doesn't want to go to the zoo for their 22-23rd birthday? Anyway, my friends arrive and INTP friend (who is male, and straight) is wearing women's clothing. Specifically, a v-neck fitted t-shirt, hoodie with rhinestones, fitted bootcut jeans, and heals. His girlfriend was also there.

    In my dream I remember consciously thinking "Well, if his girlfriend is okay with it I probably shouldn't say anything..." Which would so NOT happen. lol I told him about my dream and his first question was "Did I look pretty? Did my calves look amazing from the heels?" (He has a weird calf thing). He then went on to psychoanalyze my dream and determine that we have simply become such close friends he is basically a woman to me. Which not entirely true, I still find him pretty handsome.
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    My recollection of last night's dream is pretty unclear. I remember I was traveling with a group of strangers and acquaintances and we were trying to get to our final destination. I think we had to travel on a river surrounded by a dense tropical forest and then across a tiny bayou that looked like part of the Deep South. There were crocodilians in the water (a recurring motif in my dreams), but I don't remember if I actually saw them or if I was just informed they were there.

    I also remember a boat capsizing and getting trapped under it, but I don't know if that was part of this dream or another one.
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    “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.” - Hermann Hesse

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    I and many of my high school classmates became doctors, and we all worked at the same hospital. I personally delivered a particular stretcher to one of colleague's clinics. It was important for reasons I'm not sure of. It took me quite a while to get it there, the hospital was enormous and the path I took meandered quite a lot.

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