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Thread: What's the Last Memorable Dream You Had?

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    I was robbing a house, with some people and one guy was gathering loose change another was doing something else and I was stealing a bunch of pills. there were like 10 different pain pills including vicodin it was insane
    by @magpie

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    I was flying over majestic, panoramic glaciers. Flying in what, who knows, let's say one of those helicopters with the bubble-esque windshield. I could see everything. The pilot (that I never saw) ever so gently changed our course, and I was starring at a snow laden Mt. Shuksan. I was starring at a photograph of that mountain, exactly the way I had photographed it 4 years ago snowshoeing Mt. Baker!

    The copter drew close. It makes no sense; we got out on the summit of Denali. There was a huge house right at the edge of the cliff up there, and I went inside, ate drank, slept on a cozy leather sofa by the fire place. The dream was so vivid that the colour of the sofa was a burnt orange. Perfectly matching the cedar log flooring.

    I 'awoke' to the charitable trailblazers in full uniform, some in giraffe costumes, bringing silver platers with picnic style ketchup and mustard bottles, diner style salt and pepper shakers. What the hell was going on here?! One guy had a plater full of cheeseburgers and foot long hot dogs. (It's important to note that I am a vegetarian)

    Wait a minute! Wasn't I supposed to be at summit lodge at Mt. Mckinnely? There is no a summit lodge at Mt. Mckinnely! I stepped out onto the back deck identical to the one on the set of Two and a half men. To my surprise, there is a little basalt (snow free) just big enough to stand on. I climb over, a good chunk comes loose. So I picked it up, and it was hallo inside; intricate! I wanted to keep it, but the tour guides got pissed off and the chase was on.

    Back over the balcony I went, and into a full blown Mardi Gras style party with the trailblazers. They're tall, but I'm not a midget! Friendly enough, but some of these guys were standing well above two stories high!

    Who knows what any of it could stand for. Once, I had an elaborate dream of flying across Armageddon, rescuing the three great white apes. And once, when I was pregnant, Bill Cosby was my dad and he was trying to make me attend his pow wow behind his mansion. So I escaped in a clown sized, red, topless VW!

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    All of my dreams are horrible since entering college. I have no clue why. The last dream I remember specifically was kind of scary. I dreamed this on Sunday night, when I was home for the weekend about to go back up to college on Monday morning.

    In my dream, it was Monday morning and I was taking a yellow school bus back up to school (not how I get back to college in real life.) For some reason, Jimmy Kimmel had Down Syndrome in my dream. Everyone on my school bus was making fun of him, and I decided to step in and say it was wrong to pick on those with Down Syndrome. So everyone on the bus shunned me for awhile for disagreeing with them. I began to worry that they'd try to beat me up when I got off the bus because I'd expressed dissent. By the time the bus came to a stop at my college, I said out loud, "I'm glad I'm okay!" referring to being glad that no one hurt me. I was stopped by the girl sitting in front of me holding a gun to my forehead, saying, "But you're not." Then she shot me in the head and I was convinced I'd died. I even opened my eyes in real life to make sure I was still alive, and for a few seconds I thought I was actually dead because my bedroom walls are white and I thought I was seeing the white light of Heaven or something. Took some time for me to realize I was okay and I hadn't been shot in the head.

    Weird, weird dreams.
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    I went up to what looked a disgustingly muddy pond, with some large rocks throughout. A man was sitting in a lawn chair next to it, and I asked him why he was there, and what was up with the pond. He said it was an animatronic whale mouth(?!), that the "rocks" I was seeing were actually teeth and a tongue, and that it was intended to be a working model of the mouth of a whale that had seriously injured him when he was younger. (IIRC he was a sailor and fell into its mouth somehow.) He gestured to his neck and upper back, which were severely scarred. And then he asked me if I wanted to jump in and try it out.
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    I was piled into a car with a bunch of friends, aimlessly driving around a parking lot on a chilly winter day looking for my car.

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    I remember mostly nightmares. How unfortunate.

    I remember them very well.

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    I played sims 4 before bed last night and dreamt that my mood kept changing like in the game, and I had a menu to choose social interactions with people too.

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    I was with my dad and brother in a shopping center parking lot and we see an old run-down store front (not in disrepair, just old) and it turns out my mom sales chocolates and ice cream out if it, but they also sale car parts and we talk about that.

    then I have to go to class but my mom needs me to leave my car some where cuz i have to do something for her, so i do that eventually I get to campus, I'm crossing the street and at a cross walk this dude starts talking to be, something about a corpse (don't remember what) so it was call we get across the street. I enter the building i get in the elevator and it stops on every floor, I'm getting annoyed, then it starts going sideways. Now I'm pissed so finally the elevator stops but I realize class ended 2 hours ago (even though I had gotten on the elevator in plenty of time) so I'm panicking. so I decided to take the stairs, and think I should've done that in the first place so I get to the first floor and its a giant department store that's a combination of gander mountain and big lots, I start walking out the front door. turns out I know the owners and they go "Hey Libby" and we get to talking and tell then I have a car, but I had to do something for my mom and i missed a test, but I had all a's then I realize it's thursday and my test is friday. Then I realize i didn't have any shoes, and I can't drive without shoes.

    somewhere in the dream I'm class (for real) and these archaological objects are being passed around and our desks our toilets and so I pee on one the objects but i pee a really long time, really long, then I realize you shouldn't pee on that type stuff, but I pass it around any ways.
    by @magpie

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickpea View Post
    I played sims 4 before bed last night and dreamt that my mood kept changing like in the game, and I had a menu to choose social interactions with people too.
    That would be convenient.
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    It was nighttime and I was studying in a library with a high arched ceiling and huge windows. I was really absorbed in what I was studying, but I suddenly became bored and walked out to do something else.
    Warning: pretty gruesome

    My dream reminded me of The Monkey's Paw, which made it even harder to get back to sleep.
    “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us.” - Hermann Hesse

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