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Thread: Introversion no longer in DSM-5 Proposal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    People seem to think psychotropic medications are like doing ten hits of acid or overdosing on ecstasy.

    I don't comprehend living in a culture where people will do massive, dangerous amounts of street drugs, but act like the smallest amount necessary of a psychotropic drug are so dangerous.

    Especially under extreme circumstances, like a person having severe schizophrenic symptoms to the point that they may never return to reality, or become catatonic, or someone being so depressed that they're suicidal.

    Tell me, does drinking with your buddies in college change your personality? Because I would compare binge drinking more with brain injury than psychiatric meds...unless you like to overdose on your meds.
    We can broaden my question to include "recreational" drugs and alcohol - really anything that would have an appreciable and irreversible, or at least long-term, effect on brain chemistry or physiology. I am not making moral statements, or assumptions about the effects of any of these chemicals. I am rather asking about the actual effects on the brain of such drugs/chemicals, and their potential for influencing inborn personality. I have a friend who experienced a significant brain injury, and believes it resulted in permanent changes to her personality, but neither she nor I are an expert on neurology, hence my question.
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    when im psychotic i have hard time communicating orally i can communicate just fine in writing, so i become more introverted during periods of psychosis plus i'm really scared to tell people things in real life. plus sometimes I don't know where I am, i know i'm in one of two places but i don't know which is the correct answer it can be anything from the year, to a place, to whether or not i'm I don't know in some cases withdrawing and extreme introversion can be a sign not always
    by @magpie

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