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Thread: Death Anxiety

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    I think it's possible to be less afraid with death when you talk to others about it in a positive way and have some experience with it.

    I wonder how to get from apathy around death to an awareness of it and a desire to make each day before death count. I've personally know people (particularly older) that aren't afraid of death but they've developed a sort of apathy like 'oh well I'll be dead, too bad I'll just do whatever until then'. I'm sort of this stage myself, being death aware but more active seems like it'd be a nicer way to live.

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    i've never had death anxiety. when i was young it didn't occur to me to think about death and since i've known where i'm going since 17 due to my faith it just isn't a worry. dying, now that could be something to worry about, but why bother really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Is it possible to move from Death Anxiety to a life affirming death awareness?

    This is the title, or a close approximation, of the title of a book by an author called Firestone which I found recently, I cant afford the book and it seems over priced so I thought I'd start a discussion on the topic instead. What do you think? Is it possible?
    Seems like the natural next step to me.

    Sort of like if you are afraid of heights, you go to the tallest building and get used to it. Then you go skydiving to conquer it - pretty soon you are going skydiving every weekend because you came to love it and now it empowers you.

    Sort of like you being too fat and being scared to go in public. So you finally go look in mirror and then, with conviction, start tolling at the gym everyday while being aware that people are looking at you and judging you. Then in 6 months, you've shed 100lbs and now you can't wait to go to the gym because you are now an expert at working out and because the gym is now your domain.

    Similarly, I think you would live a much more empowered and fruitful life once you come to terms and and then overcome the fear of death. How? Hell if I know, I don't have it; I just live to make the most of my life.

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    I can say with complete conviction that it is possible.

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    sorry, deleted post.
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