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Thread: The Mobilizing Function.

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    Default The Mobilizing Function.

    I have begun doing research on this particular subject and it lead me to wonder why people react so harshly to advice that is given to them. Is it possible that this function is the reason why they react the way they do?

    In my mind it goes something like:

    Person A searches and finds Person B and begins to talk about Person A's problem and at the beginning the advice is welcomed, but when Person B begins to wonder if Person A has accomplished anything on the issue and finds they haven't and begins talking about this same subject with similar advice and Person B reacts negatively could it be that Person A was looking for help on their Stabilizing function and was fed up with Person B, for some reason I can't determine right now? Person B was a kind of Sage, but was perhaps too eager to help is my interpretation.

    Of course I suppose it could be Person A's fault for not warning Person B that he was done trying to solve the issue, or perhaps had done so already, but then it doesn't seem like they would react so strongly to the second round of advice.

    This isn't personal in any matter that I am conscious of just trying to get these details down.

    Edit. In further reading this seems like something done to someone else. So mobilizing is to mean that they are trying to get others into action? But they don't see it as important... I don't understand why the person receiving this invitation sees it as childish.

    I was confusing who was giving the harsh reaction.

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    Individuals are bound to having conflicts with others. One's reasoning may be very much different than an others'. I can recall many events with peers of mine that I see as be good friends.

    Example: I see that Person A can potentially get along very well with Person B, but Person B left a bad first impression for A, in which A decided to hate B before they even met. Yet eventually, A would realize that B was a pretty cool person.

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    with similar advice and Person B reacts negatively
    I'm confused. Should this read Person A?

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