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Thread: Obstacles Encourage Creative Thinking

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    Default Obstacles Encourage Creative Thinking

    Saw this in Wired this morning: A new Dutch study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says we think better when obstacles are put in our way. As a procrastinator of writing research papers until the night before they were due, and nearly always pulling an A, I'd have to agree.

    When do constraints become too much? What is the point where we just can't take anymore external noise and we quit or shut down, and become nonproductive, like how depression happens when the world and stressors become too much.

    And I wonder if they accounted for personality types. I'd think an Ne dom/aux would be much more likely to work through/around obstacles, and thrive in that, than another type.
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    Necessity is the mother of invention.

    Humans have never given up on any constraint, they've either all been overcome, or are currently being worked on.

    Personally, constraints become "too much" when it's realization becomes less valuable than the presumed time it would take to realize it.

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    It makes sense that the more challenged by obstacles you are, the more likely you'll find creative solutions. That's human nature and our constant battle to control our environments.

    As for Ne doms being more creative, I disagree. It will be individual determined and also, the importance of working around or through obstacles, to the individual involved.

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    You might like the topic of posttraumatic growth.

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