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Thread: INFP relationship 'ditching' & getting healthier?

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    Post INFP relationship 'ditching' & getting healthier?

    Hi guys and gals!

    I just arrived here and loving the forum already nice to talk and think about psychology dynamics and find out what other people experience.

    So there's this habit I have that seems to be more frequent with us INFPs: I get into a relationship with someone, a heavy thinker or an extravert and I'm all curious and positive. But after a while my curiousity wears down, And I get disappointed with extraverted values and stuff. Then there is that moment of wanting to bail without hurting the other person, but it turns out I suddenly (want to) leave the relationship when they don't expect it. One of the reasons being that I prefer to avoid conflict, etc. I realise this is quite immature and I do feel guilty about it.

    Who recognises this (especially INFPs) and has grown to be more mature with these situations?

    Edit: specifically, I read this example of wanting to 'send the other person into freedom and success'. Like, feeling inadequate as a partner for them, and seeing a lot more success for them with another person. I'd love to hear your experiences, if you recognise it: with what type, what triggered these emotions/thoughts, etc. Feel free to elaborate extensively :-)

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    There's nothing wrong with going your own way. INFPs could be a little more tactful in the situation however when you're messing with an NT we don't care enough to cry. I recognize it highly from male & female INFPs. What I don't understand is why some of you crawl back. INFPs hit me up when they're bored and I understand and agree to a lighthearted exchange understanding your requirement to depart then you come back and apologize. It's like, what? Through my eyes I view it as either attention seeking or an overall frivolous attitude. It'd annoy some.
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