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Thread: What causes people to tell lies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Engineer View Post
    Fear, mostly. Fear that other people will reject their advice, their critique, or react to the opinion harshly.
    In other cases, fear of the consequences that would have otherwise been.
    "Fear that other people will reject their advice, causes people to lie"

    Bro thats epic
    Johari / Nohari

    "How dreadful!" cried Lord Henry. "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect."
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    I think there are a variety of reasons why people lie. Some of those reasons could be

    To protect themselves(This can include protecting personal information, ego, themselves from being hurt, and a myriad of other things)
    To protect others(most commonly I think people believe that others can't handle the truth. Also relates to the first)
    Because they can( also related; boredom)
    Because they have a problem(like compulsive lying, or a personality disorder where lying occurs)

    I'm sure there are more, but just a couple.

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    I believe there are only two factors for telling lies.

    To avoid conflict, or increase status.

    Most people who lie, have insecurities with one or the other.

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    Everyone knows its the parasitic twin that never truly died connected to your spleen. God I'm so glad I got rid of my spleen and that pesky parasitic twin. Next on the list has to be the conniving goldfish that live in my eyeballs.

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    According to Kant, people tell lies as a sort of "defense mechanism" in that if they were to tell the truth, they know they would come off in a worse light than they otherwise would, and it is therefore beneficial to tell a lie for the sake of themselves.

    Also according to Kant, a person who asks about his own faults should expect nothing but lies from the answerer because a man knows his own faults better than anyone else and is impossible of taking criticism objectively. Therefore, the answerer has a sort of duty to lie..or rather, skirt the truth.

    Kant, however, said that lying strips one of one's humanity.

    I lie primarily because in that situation it seems to me to be the best thing to do. I'm hardly ever right though, yet it's a nasty habit I've developed. I also lie if someone asks a question that I don't think they are entitled to get an answer to.

    Someone I don't know too well: "What's your favorite color?"
    Me: *Lie*

    Why? Because, my favorite color is a very personal choice, and has so many reasons for being my favorite color that if the person were to ask why that color was my favorite, I wouldn't feel comfortable explaining it. Also, if that person were to say they didn't like that color, I'd end up taking it personally..because my favorite color, to me, is a reflection of who I am, and therefor any negative judgement of that color will, irrationally of course, be taken as a negative judgement of me.

    It's easier to just lie..and avoid conversations you would rather not have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkenya View Post
    It's easier to just lie..and avoid conversations you would rather not have.
    So you lie because you're a coward?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenocyde View Post
    A lot of people lie to protect their own ego, not yours. Meaning that if they revealed the truth, they would fall down a peg or two in your eyes. I know that I sometimes withhold information so I don't look as bad.
    Do you lie if you do not know the truth?
    Consequently a lie cannot protect your ego.
    Your lie protects the ego of the other.

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    People tell lies because telling lies is possible to someone who does not seek to find the truth themselves.
    Why tell the truth to someone who is not interested in it?
    I think people tell lies to people who don't care about them because it's no big deal in the end.
    I think people tell lies to people who care about them to protect what they consider to be an inconvenient truth.

    Veni, Vidi, Cessi.

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    People lie because it benefits them in some way to withhold the truth from you. Either because they don't want to deal with the other person's negative emotions, or because the consequences of the truth are much less beneficial than the consequences of lying.

    Other times, people lie because they get in the habit of doing it. I used to be like that; I just learned that it's better not to be known as someone who lies a lot.

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    People don't only tell lies, people LIVE lies. It's quite pervasive. Things like self-delusion, fantasy, denial, naivety, ignorance etc etc. Some innocent, some not. This is where a lot of lies come from. I have fallen for it and have been guilty of it myself before.

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