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    Quote Originally Posted by Huxley3112 View Post
    What? I thought ENTP's were one of the most likely types to develop hypochondria tendencies with that dom Ne and inferior Si. Ofcourse hypochondria can lead to excessive thoughts of death. Didn't you even start a thread on hypochondria a while back?
    I cant tell loudly that I am having thoughts about dieing, you know the spies they are everywhere !

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    Under this statement that "brain cells have more T3 receptors than any other tissues, which means that a proper uptake of thyroid hormone is essential for the brain cells to work properly."

    Here are my 2cents

    Inadequate supply of t4/t3 hormone in the brain whether male or female leads to suicidal and death thoughts. And stuff like fluoride and lithium suppress the thyroid too, what a lucky society.

    Amongst other technicalities, like the role of the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, adrenal, health of the endocrine system in general, minerals, vitamins and friends.

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    Usually when there is someone whom I know close to me dies or the thought of us all having an appointment with Mr. Reaper no matter what age is rather when I think about it. I usually end up wondering more about how I live my life before I leave or how someone close to me lived their life. Did they go around doing good or did they live a rotten, sad life making others' lives miserable?
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