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Thread: Dream Analysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domino View Post
    I am so down with that. I'll just have a chat with Clyde. He gets winter dysphoria in the summer sometimes.

    Rex, my black horse came back last night after months away. I went into the yard, caught him by the bridle, and instead of putting him in the pasture, I got on his back and we jumped the fences. I'm glad he came by - I spent the last 17 hours sick and asleep when my medications hit back.
    Why do you think he went away to begin with? Did he give any indication as to what he was up to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wind-up Rex View Post
    I gave him a box of sugar cubes and a small speech about being a team player, and then he pooped on my shoe.

    Why do you think he went away to begin with? Did he give any indication as to what he was up to?
    He disappears sometimes on his mysterious missions, but he always comes back somehow. He and Clyde may or may not be making bets at the track.
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