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Thread: Life without feelings...

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    I'd say I wouldn't choose to live without emotions, but mainly cause I've live all my life till now with emotions and I am aware of the fact that, maybe some (or even most) of them suck, but there are some that are fine.
    On the other hand, if I had be born totally emotionless, I'd probably wouldn't feel that I am missing something, merely cause I'd have never experienced it. Likewise, I might be thinking that flying is fine, but it doesn't bother me the least that I do not have the ability to fly, since it's not an option and I don't cannot really comprehend how flying is like.
    Now, if they told me that I could tomorrow chose to get ride of all emotions, I don't know what would my answer be. My whole mindset up to now is built with having emotions. Would I be able to adapt? I don't know.

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    Person without emotions or feelings is not a healthy one.
    Feelings and emotions make us what we are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcearos View Post
    Person without emotions or feelings is not a healthy one.
    Feelings and emotions make us what we are.
    But why would you assume that the way we are is the best way to be, having never experienced an alternative?

    The really interesting thing is, I think that if you kept fear of death/discomfort, curiosity, and a dislike of inaccuracy or inconsistency, while doing away with every other feeling, most people would change very little on the surface.

    I wonder if most people's resistance to even looking at this idea is primarily due to fear of change?

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    Apparenty emotions serve us or we wouldn't have developed them (or been given them by the creator, depending on your view)

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    That's a good point. Please correct me if I am wrong but aren't emotions a byproduct of higher order thinking?

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    Extraversion (52%) ---- Introversion (48%)
    Sensing (26%) ---- iNtuition (74%)
    Thinking (16%) ---- Feeling (84%)
    Judging (5%) ---- Perceiving (95%)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    If you were given the option to have a life without having emotions, would you choose it? Would you be willing to throw out happiness if it meant getting rid of sadness? Why or why not?
    To be rid of sadness is to increase sadness around oneself.

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    I like Night's answer.

    I was going to say, heelllll no

    Not being able to feel emotion is basically like being severely debilitatingly depressed. You feel 'nothing'. It's painful. It's existential angst to the nth degree.

    Feelings are to your psyche and ego what nerve endings are to your body. For pleasure and pain and all different gradations, it's how you react and interact with life and the world. It's how you know you're alive (seriously, medical and military folks will tell you the second you stop being able to feel anything in your body is the second you know you're fucked)

    I actually wish I were more open to my emotional unseen "N" life and able to take in and experience all the highs and lows of emotion without blacking out.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

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    Ummmmm........................My husband had a car accident yesterday, and he could very easily not have been here today. I think had that been the case, I would happily chose to have my emotions cut out, a brief glimpse of how that would feel (when I saw the car) was horrid.

    But then nor would I feel the joy in my kid’s achievements or the warm feeling when they spontaneously give me a hug.

    All in all I’m a happy person, and I think, for me, feelings are a positive thing.

    But I can see that some people; maybe people who have been abused of suffered losses would benefit from having them cut off. Because who hasn’t been brought low by their own emotions at sometime; maybe a on off button would be good J

    Having said that though, I think all the most horrendous crimes have been committed by people who lack empathy. After all if you can’t put yourself in another persons shoes, and feel what they are feeling what would stop you doing horrid things to others?

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    I was emotionless for a couple of years, caused by a lot of major factors.
    Dana is right, it is torture in it's own kind of way. Like a dark void where the soul slowly melts away. No, when I think about it now, that was without the shadow of a doubt the worst years of my life. I don't know if I was a psychopath or anything, but my thinking was radically different and lacking even basic emotion and empathy for almost everyone, the only person I cared about back then was my brother.
    What changed it was me getting away from my father, my old class and teachers, getting new friends... Then I was kind of semi-bad for a couple of years until I met my first love. Then stuff changed a lot in my head and it kind of made me human again. Stayed that way though i've lost that love, but it was life-changing and I will always remember that. Now i've found love elsewhere, and I feel good about just about everything.

    Life without emotions sucks badly.

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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