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Thread: Your cognitive functions as a child

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inconnue View Post
    Reminds me of my brother who is an ISTP. He was rather quiet and calm but secretly destroyed things to see how they worked and once eletrocuted himself. I, on the other hand, drew random things on the wall to pretend I was a prehistoric woman ("Don't talk to me, Mum, I'm in the past !").
    This thought touched on something I wanted to talk about before... Children are in general very imaginative. But do we all have similar imaginations? I used to pretend I was an native american woman or something like that. I'd make shampoos or perfumes from flower petals, or pretend to put a pot on the fire. Collect fire wood and pick berries. I was never futuristic... or even modern, and always had a preference for a more ancient or bucolic way of life.

    And I always wondered if this somehow fits in to the idea of "instincts" or collective unconscious and archetypes, and children just run rampant with this and their imagination.

    Maybe some children were more future oriented in their imagination? Such as an intuitive... And maybe some more modern day? Such as an introverted sensor. I just know the past always somehow sparked my imagination most, and so did anything that was more rustic and rural, and this is something ISFP's are attracted to.

    I recall one time where I came across a branch that had most likely been eaten away by termites, but the etchings of the bites looked as though they were an ancient language. I was terrified I may awaken some native american spirit.

    Anywho... thoughts? Input? Anyone?
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    My memories under 3 are just a tad sketchy lol. I have a few clear ones, though, and I think it's pretty obvious that my Ne developed really early. I remember being two and being so experimental, feeling the strangeness of reality. I was a stubborn child too lol. Around 5 my Fi really started to develop... I was very imaginative, always wanted to a heroine of something. I was moved by injustice and cruelty, but I also often felt deeply deficient, filthy, and disgusting at times. My Te came in at 12-13-ish. I was an outcast at school by this time, and for a while I appeared kind of like an emotionally unstable ENTJ. I learned about MBTI just after I started high school, and then everything began to make sense...

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