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Thread: Knowing something but not being able to explain it in words

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    I know I experience this every now and then. I had someone tell me once that if you can't explain it, you don't really know it. I disagree. I think there are things you can know but have a hard time explaining. For example, I might get a sense that someone is a certain MBTI type but if you ask me to explain my reasoning, all I can say is there is a certain vibe they give off or they happen to remind me of someone that I know is a certain type.

    Do you think you can know something but not be able to really explain it?

    If so, how often does this happen to you?


    Is this type related? I'm guessing its probably more common in N types, and maybe in F types. I would guess that Ni dominants are most likely to experience this sort of thing.
    Oh yea,
    sometimes Im told something, i pick up on something or learn something that is small and I get an image of a structure like this

    and i can only articulate a portion of what i see, or just a part of the frame cause I dont have the words for the rest, it takes me a while to find the right words about something but even then its sometimes not right enough to communicate it on the spot. its fustrating

    Im a visual learner/thinker i guess

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    The explanation is often not the issue. It is the certain value or importance one has about the various aspects of an issue that can be tricky to convey.

    What is for one, is not for another.

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    This happens to me constantly. Usually my first gut feeling about something is right. From there, I either investigate it to see if I'm right, let it go, or just tell the people around me how I feel and let it all unfold. My worst habit is letting it go. I shouldn't do that anymore. I just don't care too much half the time.

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    I think in pictures and movies and need to translate them into words. Usually this is easy enough, describe the picture in my head. Other times it's quite difficult. I have great difficulty expressing emotions because they are so abstract and there's no picture to go with them. Usually when expressing emotions, I feel like I'm speaking a foreign language and don't know enough vocabulary for what I'm trying to say, am dancing around using the wrong words, and it's not coming out right. Anything that can't be portrayed in a picture is also difficult to portray in words. Thankfully, most of my thoughts can be portrayed with a picture.

    And maybe the difficulty of explaining something that is in motion or in a state of constant flux. It can't be can only be explained in 'snapshots' like Jenaphor said.

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