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Thread: What does it mean to be passionate about something?

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    Default What does it mean to be passionate about something?

    Or rather, how does it feel to be passionate about something?

    I feel like I am on a limbo. The way I see myself to be passionate about something is the time (usually unnoticed) spent doing something like a project. Something that I am willing to spend the whole day on and not whine about/look at the time. If I do whine about it, it is whining about getting what I am doing right(rather than whining about I hate it.)

    I've seen classmates develop lots of time on their "pet projects" outside of class, in which, some of them develop a knack for going through a day...without noticing the day went by so quickly in the first place. Even one of my professors at my college laughed about how she went by a whole day of painting, not noticing that she was hungry... until she was about to pass out.

    I think, there were a few instances in this case of passion that sort of manifested, but I am not sure if it is the way to go. The few things where time flied, a majority of them(both in my childhood and now) tended to be doing something outdoors or on something that was more hands on where I can touch or tinker with objects.

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    For me, when I'm passionate about something I can do that thing for long periods of time and not easily tire of it. Often when I'm consumed by passion, I lose track of the time and resent having to set it aside to do some more urgent task. Things that I'm passionate about, I seek to engage in frequently. It feels new each time I do it.

    When I'm doing something more boring or unpleasant and think about what I'd rather be doing, those things I think alot about give clues as to my passions in life.
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