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Thread: S/N`s have your ever found yourself in a situation where you were being petty?

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    im not petty im an "N". i see the grand scheme of teh universe. senserz r rite dumb.

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    I've been sucked into being petty... By petty in-laws. :steam: I got tired of always making a point to attend events, and even rearranging my schedule for it... Only to be ignored whenever I have an event. So it's going to be a long time before I make an appearance at any events. So yeah, I'm being petty, but dammit, my feelings got hurt and I'm tired of it.

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    Oh I'm never petty.*poker face* Never ever.
    I'm not being petty right now with my music turned up so loud, my neighbours ears must be bleeding. (She complained about me being noisey to the super. I lived here for a year with no complaints, so the super just laughed at her, knowing I'm actually really quiet.)So I've decided to give my neighbour something to complain about. Shame, I don't have boyfriend to have really loud sex with.
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    Yes, yesterday. It was embarrassing, even though I could argue that the other person had it coming. I apologized 2 hours later.
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