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Thread: Mock emotions

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    you're not alone Seanan - I'm not much further along that road myself, I think because of the increase (huge increase) in my social life in the last few years it's changed in me and I've begun to feel more, because I have more stuff to feel about, if you get me? But before that I was just as baffled by the whole thing as you and even now though I'm not completely baffled any more, I'm still a looooooong way from understanding it and even longer away from actually being able to do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanan View Post
    Yes, this is exactly what I was getting at - no, when I curse at the annoying driver, I am NOT actually expressing a real emotion that's just not very deep or serious, I am expressing an emotion that I do not feel. I'm playing a role, acting the emotion, as I said, mostly for comic effect. I know it's kinda funny, the cliche of the angry driver, road rage stereotypes and all that sorta thing, funny to me because I don't feel that at all.

    That's what I mean. I've learned how people who "feel" act and follow suit when I can. I wish someone would tell me just what "emotion" actually means... not the definition but what they experience.... is it physical? Is it mental? Of course for me, it would have to include thoughts they're having in the process for me to get it I think. I'm so dense about it that can't I fathom anything but the thought process.
    Yeah, that's what I'd like to know. I'd love to be in a feeler's shoes for the day. Maybe we should start a thread on what it's like to be a feeler?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulah View Post
    Yeah, that's what I'd like to know. I'd love to be in a feeler's shoes for the day. Maybe we should start a thread on what it's like to be a feeler?
    Go for it! I don't know how. There's one for what its like to be an extrovert... so why not?

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