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Thread: TypeC INTJs versus INTJForum INTJs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athenian200 View Post
    I guess they just cared about making me understand their point. And a couple of them were just amazingly... intense. There was one guy who just kept trying to bully me into accepting his viewpoint, but I just kept calmly refuting him... and at the end, he agreed with me, felt horrible for how aggressive he'd been, and thanked me for putting up with him.
    I'm curious to know if there is any INTJ on this forum who hasn't been guilty of this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    Generally, but not always, I believe that the INTJ who prefers INTJf found it first, while the INTJ who prefers TypeC found this one first.

    It gets bagged a lot for being so controlling, and it is, but it was my first forum and there are some good (and despite rumours, mature) people there. It's just insular.
    I discovered INTJf first but it didn't capture my interest enough to stick with it. Then, I was on PersonalityCafe for about one week and then discovered TypoC. In comparison to INTJf, it might have been there were posts on TypoC from people who are not INTJs, that had perspectives or insights that I would never have thought of, that was somehow appealing.

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    INTJf is basically a bunch of miserable pricks fighting it out to see who can make the least interesting point about whichever molecule-thin topic the central leadership has deigned will cause the most misery to the rest of the community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    I'm curious to know if there is any INTJ on this forum who hasn't been guilty of this.
    No kidding. I've actually been on both sides of this one.

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    I spend a good deal of time there, probably more than here. It's not that bad. Perhaps a little over-controlled, but that's better than being a spam magnet. People there believe they're right. There are some very intelligent people there though, some of whom also contribute to this board fairly regularly, and not all of them are INTJs.
    You lose.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    Sounds like a control freak made that decision.
    Quote Originally Posted by uumlau View Post
    Hey! Let's not be insensitive here. I believe the proper term is "control person".

    She is going to be so mad.

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    i stumbled on INTJforum before typoc. and INTPc in between those. both fun to lurk; neither was interesting enough for me to join.

    you have to give it to INTJforum though, the little slogan is so funny:
    masterminds. innovators. villains. virgins.

    Quote Originally Posted by EffEmDoubleyou View Post
    From my limited visits, I'd say that INTJs at INTJf are kind of like college kids who have just discovered politics. I think they're younger, more ardent, more sure of themselves, and less aware of how the world works. Immature INTJs are pretty insufferable. I think we have a more reasoned, mature group here.

    college INTJs: fun to argue with, glad i don't have to put up with them in my house.

    i'm sure you could say the same about ENFPs, though. any type, really. we should make a thread of annoying college types... though i'm sure it's been done before, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by InvisibleJim View Post
    INFJforum is more pleasant, shame you can't have a decent conversation about anything remotely interesting.

    INTPforum never gets anywhere, nothing is supplied which is new.

    ENFPforum... doesn't... work... properly...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    Prolly plays a part but not all forums are blocked, it's about cutting down on cross-forum drama, INTPc in particular seems to enjoy spamming the forum from time to time, for the sake of spamming it, easiest way to stop that is not let it start in the first place.
    INTPs. they would. i swear /b/ is NTP heaven

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    Filled with ISTJs who want to be INTJs. God knows why.

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    I decided to stop hanging around INTJforum when I noticed that they were editing out my posts. Control issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Within View Post
    I decided to stop hanging around INTJforum when I noticed that they where editing out my posts. Control issues.
    I actually did that too.

    They'd edit them out, or erase them all together.

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