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Thread: US States and their MBTI types!

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    texas: ISTP
    california: ESFP
    new york: 3s
    alaska: ISTP

    nobody cares about the rest

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    California- ENFP

    I have no idea what the other states are like, well not in depth anyway.

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    North Carolina - ESFJ, especially in rural areas. Charlotte seems xSTJ.
    Virginia - iSFJ
    These are the only two states that I know well from experience; I've only been to major cities in others.
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    Only persons have personalities.

    So applying mbti to States only shows how completely bankrupt mbti is.
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    Since I'm from Ohio, I can't make an accurate perception, but to most people, Ohio is one of the forgotten states that no one knows where it is on the map, so ISFJ (except for the diamonds in the rough that are Cedar Point and Kings Island).

    Nevada, I agree with ESTP (enneagram is a bit harder, though, I see it as either a 3w2 or 7w8), a bit more cynical character than its more optimistic ESFP (7w6) neighbor California.

    Louisiana strikes me as ISFP, or at least New Orleans does (it's artsy and its nickname is The Big Easy, I think).

    A bit off on a tangent here, but I think the three biggest cities in the US represent the ego-based enneagram types based on the way they're often promoted (although self-promotion is in and of itself 3 behavior); New York City = 3w4, Los Angeles = 7w6, Chicago = 8w7.

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