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Thread: Excessive Internet Use is Linked to Depression

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    I live on the internet, I guess. It's like a giant book, a medium of infinite thought and information, almost...
    Fantasy is better than reality in some ways.

    I like books.
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    Hmm... But what if it does end well?
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    i don't think the two are always linked... but sometimes, yes.

    i wouldn't say that i'm depressed. i go through periods where i just get tired of spending a lot of face time with other people... and with it being winter, i'm less inclined to want to go walking or hiking or do any of those sorts of outside activities. i enjoy spending time on the internet to learn about various interests of mine... and at the moment i'm back to mbti again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    Exactamundo. Does depression draw people to spend time the internet or does spending time on the internet lead to depression.
    Eh, I've had things I've been struggling with for a long awhile. So no.. it's not the internet in my case. I could see how it could be for others though.

    The only thing I don't like about my internet usage.. if I think about it.. is that I don't buy things in brick and mortar stores. I used to drive around and check more places out. Either way, I've been kind of solitary, but at least I was doing a little more before.

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    Hurry! Release all the information so people can simply continue their potentially life-corroding habits.

    Depression's just a blanket term used by people with higher degrees to put all the different people in one convenient pit (puts the pills in the basket).

    I'll probably listen if computer overusage is strongly linked to cancer, but am I concerned about losing my ability to communicate with others? No. What's surfed goes towards improving efficiency or for picking up useless, sometimes random ideas and fragments. Also developing this "non-attachment" that's apparently what all e5s need to reach the highest chira (referring to that Indian head-heart-gut flower bs).

    Kids will always find shit to escape from abusive parents, school, and their own deluded, possibly paranoid whims, whether it's Myspace or drinking away the pain with soda. Better than peeling the skin off their face.

    We know that adults read in 2010, but do they comprehend? Or too busy fingering their assholes catching up with American Idol on youtube? That's the question. If a moron like me can call this study out, you'd think it could get across. Change the world.

    Like waving your dick over a flame.

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    Eh, couldn't it be just as well that people who are depressed are more drawn to the internet and not the other way around? I mean, depressed people are often isolated (again you could also pull it the other way around and say isolated people are often depressed) and spend much time alone, thus they have more time to spend on the internet.

    This study doesn't show me much.

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    Whilst teens likely to become addicted to e.g. online games probably have a tendency to be socially isolated and therefore at risk for depression anyway, I would say it's a no-brainer that feeding that addiction leads them to become depressed. Even if only because addictive playing disturbs sleep/eating/exercise patterns to such an extreme degree, and chronically disturbed sleep alone is enough to cause depression.
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    HA. It's definitely connected in my own life.
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    Typically, I think it's usually pre-existing conditions that drive one to use the 'net as a resource to self-medicate, so to speak. It's diverse, easy to use, and allows one to avoid direct social contact.

    However, I think self-medicating that way as a long-term solution compounds the problem and will thus deepen the depression.

    Look at alcohol, for example. it's not bad to use it as a social outlet from time to time, to alleviate stress, whatever else... but if you start doing it all the time, you actually change your body chemistry, brain capacity, physical health, dependency issues, and whatever else... making it even harder for you to break free.

    All that time spent on drinking (or on the 'net) is time not spent finding a better solution to the problems at hand. Being on the 'net can also feel like a passive thing -- you're just feeding your indulgences but not necessarily engaging the world -- and even in the realm of the tangibles, your physical body health will worsen, you won't produce body chemicals produced during physical work/activity that help you feel good, etc.
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    LOL, my father thought I was a computer addict when I was thirteen. I could be without computers, but it was just my way to escape my reality of having mentally unstable parents with a bad marriage, being hated by my peers and having problems with my teachers all the time. A year later, when my problems with my peers and my teachers escalated and got me socially isolated, the depression came. The funny thing is that I wasn't allowed to use internet during that period, because one of my teachers made my father believe that I had put porn of myself online (I asked that teacher to show me the evidence, but he refused because I "already knew" and he sent me off to the school shrink to get me screened for schizophrenia and other severe mental conditions). Right now I use the internet a lot, but my depression is already over for three years now. I usually multitask: I do my homework and I write while I browse the internet. I can't do one thing at a time, if I do I get restless. I also need music and a messy desk, the more stimuli the better. I always have three or more tabs open on the internet. You could see me as an internet addict, but I can be without internet easily. If there's something I'm addicted to, it's writing. I don't think that's related to depression. I did turn my depression in movie script about cannibals. Too bad I lost it. I guess that's what I do with my problems, I crypticize it and make a story out of it.
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    Ok, I didn't read the post because it was too big.
    But based on the title, I can say that a lot of people who surf the internet all the time, do it at night. Not sleeping at night does poke a little with your brain. (this has been tested on myself)

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