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View Poll Results: How beautiful / handsome do you think you are?

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  • NF - above average attractiveness

    8 8.00%
  • NF - average attractiveness

    28 28.00%
  • NF - below average attractiveness

    9 9.00%
  • SJ - above average attractiveness

    0 0%
  • SJ - average attractiveness

    2 2.00%
  • SJ - below average attractiveness

    1 1.00%
  • SP - above average attractiveness

    3 3.00%
  • SP - average attractiveness

    8 8.00%
  • SP - below average attractiveness

    0 0%
  • NT - above average attractiveness

    15 15.00%
  • NT - average attractiveness

    20 20.00%
  • NT - below average attractiveness

    6 6.00%
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Thread: How beautiful do you think you are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantonym View Post
    I consider myself below average in every aspect of physical attractiveness, and no, this isn't just my low self-esteem talking. It's a fact, taking into consideration what the "acceptable" aesthetic standards of present day are. I do wish it wouldn't bother me this much, but what else is there to do when there's nothing missing, nothing extra out of the ordinary, but things still don't add up right. I guess that's life, can't have it all.
    I kind of relate to this. I know I'd be more attractive if I'd wear makeup, if I did more to my hair than just wash and brush it, and if I upgraded some of the items in my wardrobe. Yet do I want to spend all that effort? I do like being low maintenance but there is a cost to appearance. So I think I have the potential to be attractive enough to attract a mate and be considered attractive by most people, but no matter what I do, I doubt I'd ever be drop dead gorgeous. I'll never have the desired skinny figure without starving myself sick. It's just not in my genes. There are certain facial features that I have that fall short of model standards and I'm not about to go and get plastic surgery.

    I guess in the past few months, I have become slightly more concerned about my appearance. I'm not getting any younger and I'm considering makeup to hide some small wrinkles that are starting to form (the horrors!) And I'm sick of my hairstyle, I want to do something different but I have no idea what. Right now its wavy and slightly below my shoulders, but there's no particular style or look to it.

    I do you think you're selling yourself short. True, that not everyone is cut out to have the looks of a supermodel but there are plenty of different attractive looks out there. With some work, I think almost everyone has the potential to be considered generally attractive.
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    As a hormonally charged youth I think most people are attractive, honestly, and I think that I'm definitely attractive as well.

    So I guess, by that, I'm simply average. :P

    (p.s. this post and poll were incredibly difficult to deliberate on! :workout

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    I would do me.

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